Is it Rep. Sgro or Executive Director Sgro? – #hb2

Yesterday I highlighted a conflict of situation with a LGBT activist who was installed as a Representative at the North Carolina General Assembly.

I forgot to include a hilarious fundraising email I got from him on May 3rd wherein Equality NC uses DONALD TRUMP to push back against HB2.

I wonder what they will do with all these T-shirt now that the Donald reversed his opinion once the Obama admin overplayed their hand by coming after every school kid in the country.

So is Sgro a legislator or a non-profit fundraiser… who is fundraising against the General Assembly? Don’t expect NC media to ask that question.

Here’s the email:

Equality NC
Dear Winston,ICYMI: Donald Trump came out against HB2. Yes, that Donald Trump.

He added that transgender people should be able to “use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate.” The GOP Presidential frontrunner, whose campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again,” went on to say: “North Carolina did something that was very strong and they’re paying a big price.”

Trump was half right: we’re paying a big price for HB2, but the North Carolina we know didn’t do this.

You don’t have to pay a big price to show your support for making North Carolina great again. Order your “Make NC Great Again” t-shirt today – just in time for anti-HB2 rallies, events, and Prides – and let everyone know to #RepealHB2.

Get yours today and help support the fight for equality in a state you still love.

For Equality,

Chris Sgro
Executive Director, Equality NC

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