Charlotte Council Member: We Let Human Rights Campaign Bully Us

As I’ve written before, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is well-funded machine with a fleet of lobbyists. The organization is known for bullying legislators and municipalities as well as strong-arming businesses into acting in favor of their causes.

See the four-part series:

Last night the Charlotte City Council met.  The legislature wants Charlotte to amend its ordinance before they make any moves.

Democratic members of the council wondered in yesterday’s meeting why Charlotte had to be the first to make concessions. GEE, maybe because you CAUSED this mess with your illegal ordinance?

Charlotte Business Journal reports the bullying by HRC; emphasis added:

Council members around the dais, dispensing civic praise and advice such as don’t litter (really) in their closing remarks, made time for a verbal spat when Kenny Smith, a Republican, sought support to put a resolution repealing the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance on the agenda for Wednesday’s budget meeting.

That prompted several Democrats, including LaWana Mayfield and Al Austin, to again question why Charlotte was being asked to make the first overture when the General Assembly passed the law that stirred controversy and cost the city and state tourism bookings, concerts and business growth, including 400 new jobs promised and then dropped by PayPal in Charlotte.

“We passed the ordinance that caused this mess — we let the (Human Rights Campaign) bully us,” Smith told his colleagues.

Human Rights Campaign will continue their tactics. Nothing but repeal of HB2 will suffice:

HRC president Chad Griffin attended the council meeting Monday and told me there are no changes, short of repealing HB 2, that will be satisfactory to opponents of the law.


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