Not Backing Down: NC Governor, Lt. Governor deliver the facts about #HB2

Media, business and the Left in North Carolina have been setting their narrative: HB 2 is Anti-LGBT.

No, it’s not. Not even close. The bill is an anti-discrimination bill — the first of its kind in the state even though Democrats controlled this state for over a hundred years.

The circus has begun. This is an agenda and You will be made to care – or else. Just like they are delivering what are essentially threats to business owners in the Asheville area of the state.

The Governor and Lt. Governor are not backing down. They’re fighting. GOOD. 

Yesterday, Governor McCrory released a video message, addressing the ginned up smear campaign that is reminiscent of the way the LGBT community bullied Governor Pence and Indiana over their religious freedom bill.


“Some have called our state an embarrassment. The real embarrassment is politicians not publicly respecting each other’s positions on complex issues.  
“Unfortunately, that has occurred when legislation was passed to protect men women and children when they use a public restroom, shower or locker-room. That is an expectation of privacy that must be honored and respected.
“Instead, North Carolina has been the target of a vicious, nation-wide smear campaign. Disregarding the facts, other politicians, from the White House to mayors and city council members and yes our Attorney General, have initiated and promoted conflict to advance their political agenda.  Even if it means defying the constitution and their oath of office. 
“Obeying the laws of the land, living up to the duties of the office and defending the constitution is the foundation of my governorship.  I am standing up to the president of the United States to prevent federal overreach to take over our North Carolina waters in violation of the U.S. Constitution. 

Also, Lt. Governor Forest went on CNBC to talk about HB 2, which has been the hot topic in North Carolina for rolling back the radical, dangerous and Charlotte facilities ordinance.

The interviewer from CNBC starts out with full-blown bias, calling HB2 ‘anti-LGBT’. The host then claims 80 business leaders have come out with the same slam and calling for a ‘full repeal’.

Calling for a repeal of something that benefits business, yet they clearly haven’t read. Awesome.

Crying HB2 Not ReadThe Lt. Governor comes out of the gate hitting them for it, “Well, first I’d say read the bill. They haven’t read the bill.”

No, they haven’t. They are knee-jerk #HB2Liars.

It should worry a lot of folks that people running major businesses can’t be bothered to read the law nor the Charlotte ordinance.

These are many of the same businesses who have pushed Common Core, by the way, and their hypocrisy has been well documented by Brian Balfour at Civitas.

Of note, NC is expected to take in $237 million more in revenue this year than expected. But how? We’re so discriminatory according to all these businesses who had NO PROBLEM doing business in our state prior to the ridiculous Charlotte ordinance.

Don’t forget, the man leading this charge in Charlotte is a registered sex offender.  Moreover, he was on the LGBT Chamber of Commerce until his status came out and he resigned. Not a single business stomping it’s corporate foot has mentioned this.

But you, the mom worried about pedophiles or predators having legal access to any facilities they want  under that ordinance? You’re nuts, got it?

On the flip side, are all transgender people predators? No, of course not. But the one who was leading the charge in North Carolina is and the media conveniently keeps leaving that out.

A prayer vigil for our leaders to stay strong is scheduled for this evening. Those interested can get details here.


The Charlotte Ordinance did the following:

  • Made single sex bathrooms illegal within the city limits.
  • Granted legal access to any facility, at any time, by anyone which opened the door for sexual predators to have legal access to areas they did not have before.
  • Violated the NC Constitution.
  • Violated multiple state privacy statutes (indecent exposure).
  • Violated existing state criminal trespass law.
  • Violated building codes.

HB 2 does the following:

  • Rolls back Charlotte’s ordinance as it superseded their authority and state law.
  • Puts into place a uniform statewide anti-discrimination policy on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age or sex.
  • Establishes a single, statewide standard for K-12 public schools, public buildings, and other public areas throughout North Carolina.
  • Schools and other facilities are NOT prohibited from providing reasonable accommodations such as single occupancy/unisex bathroom.
  • The bill makes it easier to do business in North Carolina; it prevents businesses from being forced to comply with different rules in different cities/municipalities across the state.
  • Ensures attempts that future ordinances will not have to go through this same fight

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4 Responses to Not Backing Down: NC Governor, Lt. Governor deliver the facts about #HB2

  1. I dont give a shit about the gays or whatever they are. Just dont cram it down my throat or you’ll get hurt. Thats where I stand. I dont agree, but its not my place to tell other people how to live, as love as those people keep it away from me.


  2. coastx says:

    Reversing the damage done by radical politics is a very simple process: assert the constitution, the devil flees.


  3. Cyclops618 says:

    Nice job pulling the relevant links into one story, Just watched the video replay of Dan Forest on CNBC. He is really a great conservative spokesman. Didn’t back down at all from the biased liberal reporters trying to paint a negative picture of NC under GOP control. In fact he was very aggressive and and actually called them out for their biased statements.. This fellow needs more exposure. He is a natural politician who can articulate the conservative cause better than most.

    BTW, you need to put an ‘M” after $237.


  4. timothypeck says:

    “NC is expected to take in $237 more in revenue this year than expected”

    That’s $237 million.


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