The Rise of the #HB2Liars [Updated]

I noted yesterday the media was already on the ground laying the narrative that HB 2 was ‘rolling back civil rights’ and ‘removing LGBT protections’.

Narrative keanuThe NC campaign to paint HB 2 as discriminating against veterans, disabled persons, LGBT individuals and even pregnant women, has begun.

None of these claims are even remotely true.  But that doesn’t matter. This is the narrative.

What matters is that the NC Democrats and all their Blueprint NC left leaning buddies are shouting it on every platform available to them.

They are counting on no one reading the legislation, much less understanding it.  They are counting on the fact no one understands how municipality rule making authority works.

To be blunt, they are counting on people being either dumb or too lazy to do research. It’s a good bet, sadly.

At any rate, the NCGOP messaging machine is… well, it doesn’t exist.

We need to shout louder.

We = YOU, by the way.  Are you not sick to death of having this social justice crap rammed down your throats? Aren’t you tired of being ‘made to care’ about ‘civil rights’ that are often frankly, not ‘civil’ and not ‘rights’?

For crying out loud, stop worrying about upsetting the apple cart, stand up for yourself and your kids.  If anyone can ‘self identify’ their gender at any given moment, despite their physical situation, what’s next? Sky’s the limit people. Not to sound flippant, but we’re headed for the Venkman speech — Cats, dogs.. living together. Mass hysteria!  

So, call out this lie to their faces. Seriously.  Use #HB2Liars on Twitter. Use #KeepNCSafe.

Need an example? The email in the tweet below was in my inbox last night. I took a screenshot, got on Twitter and pretty much called her a liar.

Note the lie line in the email:

“In an unnecessary, one-day special session that cost our state more than $40,000, lawmakers rushed through House Bill 2 (HB2), which rolls back individual civil rights of North Carolinians.”

HB 2 does not “roll back individual civil rights”.  That’s a lie. Period.

We had to call a special session due to Charlotte’s Mayor and City Council deciding to supersede their rule making authority with a dangerous ordinance that had statewide implications.   Charlotte should pay the cost. They caused it.

Towns, cities and municipalities derive their authority and rule making from the state, folks. Not the other way around.

The Charlotte Ordinance did the following:

  • Made single sex bathrooms illegal.
  • Granted legal access to any facility, at any time, by anyone which opened the door for sexual predators to have legal access to areas they did not have before.
  • Violated the NC Constitution.
  • Violated multiple state privacy statutes (indecent exposure).
  • Violated existing state criminal trespass law.
  • Violated building codes.

HB 2 does the following:

  • Rolls back Charlotte’s ordinance as it superseded their authority and state law.
  • Puts into place a uniform statewide anti-discrimination policy on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age or sex.  (This is a real anti-discrimination policy. Ask the #HB2Liars why the Democrats had not done this themselves in the hundred years they ruled the state.)
  • Establishes a single, statewide standard for K-12 public schools, public buildings, and other public areas throughout North Carolina.
  • Schools  and other facilities are NOT prohibited from providing reasonable accommodations such as single occupancy/unisex bathroom.
  • The bill makes it easier to do business in North Carolina; it prevents businesses from being forced to comply with different rules in different cities/municipalities across the state.
  • Ensures attempts that future ordinances will not have to go through this same fight

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Be on the look out for sock puppet accounts promoting the #HB2Liars narrative, like this one:



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  5. Walt-in-Durham says:

    The other strain of the HB2 opponents is that the NBA might pull the NBA All Star game from Charlotte over this. The All Star game was awarded to Charlotte over a year ago, before the bathroom ordnance was even considered. Thus, the NBA had no problem with the law as it existed then when awarding the game. Now that the law is the same as it was when the game was awarded, they “claim” to have a problem. Me thinks they doth protest too much.



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  7. Cyclops618 says:

    Just received a email from McCrory’s campaign entitled “Myth vs Facts” that does a good job explaining what HB2 does and doesn’t do. It needs to get wide circulation.


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