Here Comes The Knee Jerk Astroturf Over #HB2

The North Carolina legislature and Governor rolled back the radical and dangerous Charlotte bathroom ordinance on Wednesday via HB 2.  Now the drive by media and related business bullies are out in force.

Look at the pile of knee jerk dumb from the NBA:

As expected our media is calling HB 2 an anti-gay law, gay bias law or a gay discrimination law. It’s none of these things whatsoever, as I made abundantly clear yesterday.

What is made clear from the media coverage like this NY Times “education” reporter named Mokoto Rich, is that not a single one of the entities crying foul likely has actually read either the Charlotte ordinance or the law rolling it back.

Dear Ms. Mokoto – The Charlotte ordinance was illegal and violated the State Constitution. That’s kind of important. HB 2 is not a biased against any orientation. Your lying headline is click bait to an even worse article.

This is how Mokoto describes what happened:

The immediate trigger for the legislature’s action was the passage of an anti-discrimination ordinance in Charlotte last month that would permit transgender people to use public bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity, rather than their gender at birth. But the law passed by the legislature on Wednesday night, which prohibits municipalities from passing their own ordinances allowing such bathroom use, also prevents cities from protecting gays and bisexual people against discrimination generally.

Did you note the lack of description of how far the Charlotte ordinance went?

Media ActivismDid you note how Mokoto completely misrepresents HB 2?

This is NY Times “journalism”.

And by journalism, I mean full on biased activism peppered with a statements that have no basis in fact, yet sound horrifying enough no one questions them.

Mokoto also took the time to cite Mayor Jennifer Rodgers…
Err, umm.. Roberts. Err.. typo in a major news outlet or whatever.

By the way, not once does Mokoto mention the LGBT group who pushed this Charlotte ordinance was led by a registered sex offender. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

Mokoto’s article gives a list of what businesses are having a knee-jerk reaction:

American Airlines, which employs 14,000 people in the state and has its second largest hub in Charlotte, along with other companies with operations in the state, including Apple, Dow Chemical, PayPal, Red Hat and Biogen, all issued statements critical of the new law.

Good to know who not to patronize anymore.  Also, why is it businesses get to decide for the tax paying citizens where we can pee and can’t?

Most of these companies are pets of the Human Rights Campaign, which has been orchestrating these ordinances in various cities nationwide and who is pursuing increased LGBT ‘education’ in our schools.

Here’s a question for these businesses, what are their OWN company policies on bathrooms and related facilities?

Do they have just one bathroom for both sexes? That’s in essence what the Charlotte ordinance did, you know. It also barred businesses from having single sex facilities.

Show us your transgender bathrooms, Apple, Dow Chemical, PayPal, Red Hat and Biogen.

Seriously. Video can be done with a phone. Go into your offices and show us where your employees pee.

Apparently your MEN’S ROOM sign is cool.

How do your shareholders feel about you supporting an ordinance that banned single sex bathrooms in business while coming out against a bill that protects women and children?  This shareholder put in an order to dump your stock this morning. Congrats.

Oh that’s right, you’re mostly online.  I don’t see anything about your facilities policies at all in your manual.  I will definitely be shopping for a new tip jar. If you’re not smart enough to read the ordinance and the bill rolling it back, you’re not smart enough to handle my money.

How about Red Hat?
Too cool for a transgender bathroom policy? It’s mentioned nowhere on your company website.

They tweeted this:

Expanded eh? How? Do those expanded benefits include banning single sex bathrooms from your workplace like Charlotte’s ordinance tried to?

These are the some of the very same collection of useful corporate idiots who have backed things like Common Core in North Carolina, folks.

So why are is anyone listening to them? Why do these businesses get to dictate to North Carolina families what is acceptable privacy, safety and comfort? Or what is acceptable for education?

Simple — Money and power.  You will be made to care.

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