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#SB480 Would Block Politicking In Schools. NCAE and Progress NC’s ‘AimHigher’ Hardest Hit?

Senate bill 480 seeks to limit the political activity of school officials, administrators and teachers on school campuses.

News and Record hilariously quotes ‘just a Spanish teacher’ Todd Warren and omits his occupying, socialism, Moral Monday arrest and involvement with the NCAE’s protest arm, Organize 2020.

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Progress NC’s “AIM HIGHER” Using Emails To Push Candidates

Progress NC’s education front group, Aim Higher, is sending out emails telling you what specific candidates ‘value’ public education.

Aim Higher fails to mention that Adcock is a SAS employee who supports Common Core, Turner’s site is virtually devoid of where he stands on the issues, much less any detail beyond the Blueprint NC style attack on education. Turner is very friendly with far Left Moral Monday candidates.

Also left out was that Hanchette was arrested at Moral Monday and is involved with one of Blueprint NC’s partners, Equality NC.

That’s not valuing education, that’s valuing the take-over of education by un-elected outside trade groups and corporations.

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NC Education Protest Group Less Of A Mystery

Over the last 6 months, I’ve attempted to track a protest group named Aim Higher NC. Little public information is available, as the NC Secretary of State only has a name reservation on file for them. Aim Higher has refused to name who funds and runs them. I inquired with NCAE and Organize2020, both said they were not behind the group, which may be technically true, but they are indeed supplying help and resources to Aim Higher. So is Progress NC – in fact, after looking at a recent email from Aim Higher, Progress NC appears to be very involved. Related Read:@AimHigherNC Still A Mystery

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Progress NC Action Pushes Mystery Group Petition

Well, after months of asking who is behind the education protest group Aim Higher NC, we might have a hint. Progress NC Action is promoting this Aim Higher petition in an email.

No matter what the legislature or Governor does, the Left in NC is going to continue to use Education like a ramming shield. This includes Kay Hagan. I sense coordination of messaging here.

Here’s the email, note the political language in the push for new ‘representation’ in the last line below. Continue reading

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Mystery Teacher Pay Group To Hold Another Rally

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Aim Higher NC, but they’ve got a rally this weekend to support raising teacher pay. By the way, still no idea who runs Aim Higher NC or who funds them.
Join us in Raleigh on Saturday for a rally to support raising teacher pay! https://t.co/HlG15TrTyy #ncpol #ncga pic.twitter.com/yDlbD62RTV

— Aim Higher NC (@AimHigherNC) May 28, 2014

Unfortunately, Aim Higher seems to have pinned their rally to that Houston job fair ad that seems too good to be true. Aim Higher has named the Facebook page for this rally “Houston, We Have a Problem: Stop NC’s Education Exodus!” WWNC 570’s Pete Kaliner thinks Houston has a problem and might be a bit too good to be true too. Continue reading

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@AimHigherNC Still A Mystery

To date, no media outlet has asked the pointed question and received an answer from Aim Higher NC on who their backers are. We do know that Organize2020, the NCAE member-led protest arm, says they are not involved. We also know that Rob Black of Red Wolf Communications is being called a ‘spokesperson’ for Aim Higher in the media. Black was a former communications directors for the Teamsters.

The only clue is the Aim Higher website. At the bottom, it says”Built by Powerthru Consulting”. A click on that text takes you to a PowerThru Consulting page although the address remains AimHigherNC. Now, click on ‘Clients’. There is a long list of Unions on it, of which the AFL-CIO and Progress NC stand out as having a presence in North Carolina: Continue reading

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