NC Education Protest Group Less Of A Mystery

Over the last 6 months, I’ve attempted to track a protest group named Aim Higher NC. Little public information is available, as the NC Secretary of State only has a name reservation on file for them. Aim Higher has refused to name who funds and runs them.  I inquired with NCAE and Organize2020, both said they were not behind the group, which may be technically true, but they are indeed supplying help and resources to Aim Higher. So is Progress NC – in fact, after looking at a recent email from Aim Higher, Progress NC appears to be very involved.  Related Read:@AimHigherNC Still A Mystery

An email went out from a woman at Aim Higher named Kate Fellman. The email says she is the field director for Aim Higher. She’s also been involved with Durham People’s Alliance (DPA).  DPA is  a participant of Moral Monday and essentially is Left leaning outfit concerned with social justice. Fellman even wrote about DPA’s Moral Monday involvement, although the title wasn’t spell checked: “Stories from Moral Monday: Durahm PA Bus

Fellman is a self-proclaimed “Progressive Community Activist and Organizer“. Fellman also worked for the Paul Wellstone campaign where she professed “I’m working as an organizer for a progressive community based organization that fights for social and economic justice.”.

A copy of the email from Fellman and Aim Higher is down below, pay attention to the hyperlinks in it.

When you hover your mouse over the links, the address that pops up is: “”.

When you click it, it redirects here:

From these links, it appears Progress NC is driving Aim Higher to some degree.

By the way, when you hit the events page link, addresses for event locations are listed and I’ve compiled them.

  1. North Wake Office – 3900 Merton Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh (more)
  2. Morrisville Office – 112 B Pheasant Wood Ct, Morrisville
  3. Buncombe County Office – 141 Asheland Ave. Asheville, 28801

Two of the listings are nondescript buildings in an office park or industrial area. The first one, however is the NCAE’s Wake Branch Office.

Here’s the email — Back To School Week Of Action! Scroll down below the Aim Higher Email, Progress Action needs help funding something…


Reply-To: “Kate Fellman” <>


Aim Higher Now
Hey Kate,
With the budget finalized and session over, politicians in Raleigh are spreading false claims about the budget. They called it the “biggest teacher raise in NC history” and triumphantly proclaimed there were no cuts to teacher assistants.
Now we know both of those claims are false. Both Governor Hunt and Governor Easley presided over larger raises and local districts are already reporting funding shortfalls for teachers assistants because of the budget passed in Raleigh.
We need to get out in the community and educate folks about what’s really happening in North Carolina classrooms. That’s why we’re gearing up for our back to school week of action, taking place from August 16th to August 24th. We have dozens of teachers, parents and concerned citizens who’ve already signed up to take part–will you join them?
We have an ambitious goal of reaching out to 13,500 voters during our week of action, but we need your help to get there. Our organizers will be hosting phone banks and canvasses in Wake and Buncombe Counties throughout the week so there are multiple options to take action to protect public education in our state.
Even if you don’t live near one of our offices, we will be having virtual phone banks so folks across the state can participate. Too much is at stake for our future to sit on the sidelines.
The only way we can fight back against the false claims is to get out in the community and tell people the truth. I hope you’ll join parents, teachers and concerned citizens from across our state fighting to protect public education during our week of action.
Thank you,
Kate Fellman
Field Director, Aim Higher Now NC

Progress NC wants money for the Teacher Truth Tour, which you can view on Facebook and is  Hosted by Aim Higher Now NC


Progress NC Action


One thing is clear from the headlines in recent days – teachers aren’t buying the bogus claims and political spin coming from politicians in Raleigh. Lawmakers claimed their teacher raise was the “biggest in NC history” and that no teacher assistant positions would be cut.

Turns out, neither one of those is true. For many of our most experienced teachers, raises this year will be less than 2% and local school districts are already reporting funding shortfalls for teacher assistants, as well as other critical areas, because of the budget.

The politicians tried to mislead the public and now teachers are speaking out about what’s really going on in North Carolina classrooms.

We’re helping host a series of events across North Carolina that we’re calling the Teacher Truth Tour. This week we’ll be making four stops in three days; Asheville on Wednesday, Raleigh and Sanford on Thursday, and Greensboro on Friday.

Click here to chip in $5, $10 or $25 to help support the Teacher Truth Tour!

At each stop we’ll hear first hand from teachers and parents about what’s really happening with teacher raises, teacher assistant cuts, and funding for vital classroom resources such as textbooks, which has been slashed 78% since Republicans took over the legislature.

We want to make sure the politicians who voted for this budget can’t rewrite history. The bottom line is that this budget does almost nothing to improve ourabysmal ranking of 46th in the country in per pupil spending and only encourages veteran teachers to leave the state. This budget isn’t about investing in public education; it’s about getting through the next election. We can’t let them get away with it.

Chip in $5, $10 or $25 to Progress NC Action today and help fund the Teacher Truth Tour so we can take our message from teachers and parents across the state.

I’ll be on the road this week for our tour, but I’ll try to send updates from our events. Thanks again for helping us host the Teacher Truth Tour and cut through the spin from politicians in Raleigh.

Thank you,
Gerrick Brenner
Executive Director, Progress NC Action

P.S. I know you get a lot of emails asking for money, but these events aren’t cheap. Between signs, gas and lodging, it can be close to $1000. Help us defray the cost by donating $5 to Progress NC Action today!


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  1. mark peterson says:

    “Lawmakers claimed their teacher raise was the “biggest in NC history” and that no teacher assistant positions would be cut.

    Turns out, neither one of those is true.”

    Have you done any research to confirm whether the two claims are true or false? BTW, I cannot imagine some TA positions not being cut somewhere for reasons in no way associated with budgets, but by changes in student population. Wasn’t the state education budget increased?


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