Why Won’t @NCAE Answer A Simple Question?

I’ve asked the NCAE’s Twitter account multiple times if they are involved in the formation of Aim Higher NC. It’s been nearly two weeks since I began asking and have received no reply. I’d give them the benefit of the doubt of not seeing the tweet, had it only been one. I’ve sent half a dozen now, including one this morning.

Thus far, I’m the only one asking this question.

Take the no reply however you want, but it appears they are ignoring me. Small wonder given how badly their new Caucus, Organize2020 handled our last conversation. Organize2020 out of the blue followed me on Twitter, then almost immediately tweeted to me they would answer any questions I had… other than who tweets for them.  I did get them to answer, after a bit of stalling, if they were involved in the creation of Aim Higher NC. They finally answered “no”. Speaking of Organize2020, in case you missed it, they’ve been made an official caucus of the NCAE:

Bryan Proffitt is more than a history teacher, but also a Moral Monday activist. He’s been involved as one of the 99% and he has written at least one article on the Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s website. Looks like he co-authored another one at that same site titled, The Young and the Leftless: An Open Letter on Organization; this one indicates Proffitt is a member of Freedom Road Socialists.

Another entry posted under the name of the website (Freedom Road Socialists)  has an author bio section at the bottom where Proffit describes himself as “Bryan Proffitt is a Hip-Hop-generation white man who belongs to Men Against Rape Culture (MARC), a Durham, NC-based organization committed to building the struggle to end sexual violence, and Ubuntu, a women of color- and survivor-led coalition committed to ending sexual violence.”

Fun entry I also found was penned by Ajamu Dillahunt, of the NC Justice Center. It mentions Proffitt and the union groups they are affiliating with –  like Southern Workers Organization. Reminder: Organize2020’s stated goal is to force a union.

Interesting. The NCAE chose a community organizing, socialist occupier to lead their next  campaign, “Launch into Action“. Great!

Lost In The Valentine Spam?

Perhaps my tweets are lost in the spam of their Facebook picture postings. The NCAE’s Twitter account promoted writing Valentines to the Governor as part of their #PatShowUsTheLove campaign.

If you clicked the link in the above tweet, you saw a child holding a Valentine that says “Pat, Show us the love”. Are they suggesting teachers should have their kids make such Valentines?

Too Focused on Tenure?

Maybe they are too focused on the campaign for #DeclineToSign, or it’s offshoot name which has an edgier, occupy feel to it #DeclineToComply. The Decline to Sign campaign attempted to enter our schools again for a day of action, much like their Walk-In stunt last Fall.

NCAE has been pushing certain school districts to reject the new state contracts that scraps tenure and offers a 4 year contract term with a pay raise of $5,000. The NCAE has labeled these contracts as the ‘25% contracts’. This is because the law states school districts have to pick the top 25% of their teachers to offer these new contracts to. Remember, prior to this law, tenure in NC was granted to teachers in NC after only four years on the job. As stated before, the tenure argument boils down to job protectionism versus rewarding on the basis of merit.

Just Out Marching?

Or maybe they were too busy marching with Reverend Barber and Moral Monday to reply.

Either way, it’s been almost two weeks with no reply. Perhaps they are taking lessons from the Reverend in how to answer questions?

Thank you to Carolina Plotthound for linking!

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2 Responses to Why Won’t @NCAE Answer A Simple Question?

  1. geek49203 says:

    That is the way that teacher’s “unions” / activist groups operate. Unless you’re an elected GOP official, they ignore you if you’re not one of them. And of course, if you’re the GOP official, it matters not what you really say or do, you’re just evil in their eyes.

    Before I came to NC, I got fed up with the Michigan Education Assn (MEA). We got a new GOP Governor, and of course the teachers had fits about all of the cuts he was gonna make (stop me if this sounds strangely familiar?). Mind you, they never took to the streets to protest the large cuts of the previous Dem Governor (did I say that this sounds familiar?).

    One of the teacher’s favorite complaints was, “I could be making a lot more money if I just did something else for a living.” (Perhaps this is all a play book?). On the last day of class before a 3-month vacation a few years ago, the local MEA people had a street corner rally, (next to a “recall the Gov” petition stand) soooo…..

    I did a counter-protest. I printed up flyers that said, “I will give any MEA teacher $1000 for any written job offer where they really will make more money.” Of course, I stipulated 14 weeks of vacation that first year, immediate pension vesting, zero out of pocket/low copay health insurance, etc.

    Anyway, the MEA never said a word about me. I do know they did research on me, and I do suspect a couple of chat / FB interactions were with MEA people, but they never said a word.

    So, I conclude, if I went to those lengths and never got a response, and if this is all the same playbook, then you’re not gonna get a response. Except, of course, from pissed-off union goons, who made it clear I should leave — wanna see video tape of that?


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