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Mystery Teacher Pay Group To Hold Another Rally

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Aim Higher NC, but they’ve got a rally this weekend to support raising teacher pay. By the way, still no idea who runs Aim Higher NC or who funds them.
Join us in Raleigh on Saturday for a rally to support raising teacher pay! https://t.co/HlG15TrTyy #ncpol #ncga pic.twitter.com/yDlbD62RTV

— Aim Higher NC (@AimHigherNC) May 28, 2014

Unfortunately, Aim Higher seems to have pinned their rally to that Houston job fair ad that seems too good to be true. Aim Higher has named the Facebook page for this rally “Houston, We Have a Problem: Stop NC’s Education Exodus!” WWNC 570’s Pete Kaliner thinks Houston has a problem and might be a bit too good to be true too. Continue reading

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@AimHigherNC Still A Mystery

To date, no media outlet has asked the pointed question and received an answer from Aim Higher NC on who their backers are. We do know that Organize2020, the NCAE member-led protest arm, says they are not involved. We also know that Rob Black of Red Wolf Communications is being called a ‘spokesperson’ for Aim Higher in the media. Black was a former communications directors for the Teamsters.

The only clue is the Aim Higher website. At the bottom, it says”Built by Powerthru Consulting”. A click on that text takes you to a PowerThru Consulting page although the address remains AimHigherNC. Now, click on ‘Clients’. There is a long list of Unions on it, of which the AFL-CIO and Progress NC stand out as having a presence in North Carolina: Continue reading

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Why Won’t @NCAE Answer A Simple Question?

I’ve asked the NCAE’s Twitter account multiple times if they are involved in the formation of Aim Higher NC. It’s been nearly two weeks since I began asking and have received no reply. I’d give them the benefit of the doubt of not seeing the tweet, had it only been one. I’ve sent half a dozen now, including one this morning. Continue reading

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Organize2020 Happy To Answer Questions.. Other Than Who Tweets For Them

In the space of a week NCAE’s protest arm, Organize2020, went from ‘happy to answer questions’ to hurling insults when I asked one they didn’t want to answer. Specifically, I asked who I was talking to in our first conversation. Continue reading

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NCAE’S ‘Member Led’ Organize2020 Denies Forming Aim Higher NC

On January 31st, I received an unsolicited offer to answer questions from the NCAE’s member led protest arm, Organize2020. This offer to answer questions came on Twitter. I happened to be online when Organize20202 tweeted to me and I took the opportunity to ask if they formed Aim Higher NC. Ignoring they open up with a loaded question of their own in this offer, their answer to my main query was “No”, although it they beat around the bush a bit in answering. Continue reading

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