Progress NC’s “AIM HIGHER” Using Emails To Push Candidates

Progress NC’s education front group, Aim Higher, is sending out emails telling you what specific candidates ‘value’ public education.

Aim Higher fails to mention that Adcock is a SAS employee who supports Common Core, Turner’s site is virtually devoid of where he stands on the issues, much less any detail beyond the Blueprint NC style attack on education. Turner is very friendly with far Left Moral Monday candidates.

Also left out was that Hanchette was arrested at Moral Monday and is involved with one of Blueprint NC’s partners, Equality NC.

That’s not valuing education, that’s valuing the take-over of education by un-elected outside trade groups and corporations.

The Aim Higher Web
Some have asked how I know this is Progress NC’s group. If you hover your mouse over the last link in the email, you see this:


If you go to Aim Higher’s donation page, it sends you here.  Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see “NGP VAN”, which is one of the arms of Catalist.  Catalist is the Obama database used in the 2012 election. The other arm is ACTBLUE. Any donation you give through ACTBLUE is tagged and matched up with NGP VAN data in Catalist.

Aim Higher has updated their website with this tag line:

Paid for by Aim Higher Now NC, a project of North Carolina Citizens for Protecting Our Schools.  Not authorized by any political party, candidate or committee

North Carolina Citizens for Protecting Our Schools is a 501(c)4.  Look at their spending on political races here.  Note the past spending on Democrat backed Judge Ervin, who is currently running for Justice Martin’s seat.

Seeing as Progress NC is sending the emails and supporting the website, yet North Carolina Citizens for Protecting Our Schools ,yet what is listed on the Aim Higher website, one has to ask how many fingers are in this non-profit pie?

It seems kind of obvious that this web of groups are not concerned about public education in NC, they are concerned about using public education as a political weapon.

From my inbox:

From: “Kate, Field Director” <>
Date: October 15, 2014 3:02:01 PM EDT
Subject: 21 days
Reply-To: “Kate, Field Director” <>


Aim Higher Now


In 21 days this election will be over and we’ll know what path North Carolina will chart over the next two years.

Will it be one that invests in our schools and teachers, putting public education first? Or will it be more classroom cuts while we continue to slash taxes for big corporations and the wealthy?

If North Carolina is going to turn the corner, we must elect candidates who value public education. Folks like Brian Turner, Gale Adock, John Ager and Kim Hanchette this year. You can make the difference in ensuring North Carolina is great again.

Click here to start making calls from home and help end the current attacks on public education from the politicians in Raleigh.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to have phone banks and canvasses virtually every night of the week. We have the goal of making 42,000 more phone calls and door knocks between now and Election Day.

We need folks like you, who know the importance of investing in public education, to get engaged over these last few weeks. Can I count on you for a 25 calls?

Click here to sign up and start calling voters in competitive districts from the comfort of your home!

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done this year. I know many of you have given your time, money and energy to this cause and it means a tremendous amount.

Thank you,
Kate, Field Director
Aim Higher Now NC

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