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#NCED Updates: School Safety Meetings and Another ‘Ed Commission’ with Gates Ties

Three North Carolina Education updates this time around: Legislative committee on school safety has created two work groups, State Board of Education shifts positions around, yet another ‘education commission’ with Gates ties is making the rounds, and the Innovative School District assigns an operator to Ashpole Elementary. Continue reading

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Antifa Elon Professor Profiled in Wired Magazine for Doxxing

A professor at Elon University active in Antifa and who appears to be a member of the socialist union/labor group, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), has been profiled in Wired Magazine. Continue reading

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NCAA’s #HB2 Political Stunt Financed By Taxpayers

The NCAA has recently decided to pull 7 championship games out of North Carolina.

Why? Because it’s good politics for the Democrats. It’s part of the drip, drip, drip of economic and political blackmail by activists companies.

Another reason the NCAA and now the ACC are pulling this six months after House Bill 2 (HB2) was passed is that news of North Carolina’s amazing economic victories was starting to gain traction.


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Dept Of Ed Staffer Involved in Transgender Bathroom Push Has Ties To UVA Rape Hoax

The staffer running the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) division inside the U.S. Department of Education who is involved in the push to force school districts to open up facilities such as bathrooms and showers to transgender students was also involved in the UVA Rape Hoax case. Continue reading

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ICYMI: David Gergen Goes Full SJW In Elon Commencement Speech [Video]

What follows down below is a shameful, disgusting, SJW and politically motivated soapbox moment. This is an event to be celebrating the students, not one man’s idiotic, misinformed and biased personal diatribe.

Stay Classy, Mr. Gergen. I’m not sure who you think you’re kidding. You claim to be a Republican but it’s painfully clear from just Googling your name that you’re the squishy Lindsey Graham kind.

KEEP READING… VIDEO … Continue reading

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