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No, Secretary DeVos, Common Core is not “dead.”

I’ve received a barrage of emails, Facebook messages, and calls about Education Secretary DeVos’ recent speech where she made a claim that Common Core was “dead.” It is not dead. Nor will it be until the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is dead.  Continue reading

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Gates Foundation Props Up Common Core Testing Consortia

The two testing consortia associated with Common Core are still alive in part thanks to new management and a huge grant from Common Core’s largest funder, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Continue reading

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Social Justice Standards Launched by SPLC’s Teaching Tolerance

This is not a joke. It is a new set of standards launched by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s education offshoot called Teaching Tolerance. Continue reading

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Revisions to NC Common Core Math Standards Cosmetic Only

Earlier this month, the North Carolina State Board of Education voted on and passed the revisions made by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to the Common Core Math Standards.

The fears that DPI’s changes were actually going to be nothing substantial have been proven correct.  Continue reading

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NC DPI Touts ‘Approved’ English Language Arts Standards, Leaves Out Parents.

Once again, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction shows parents exactly where they fit into their child’s education: NOWHERE.

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Will latest NC Common Core Math Revisions be just a New Shade of Lipstick on a Pig? Probably.

It’s likely that the vast majority of North Carolinians are unaware that the NC Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI) has been revising the education standards for the state.
Will this be just a new shade of lipstick on the Common Core pig? Probably.  Continue reading

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Opinion: A.P. Dillon – Outside Review of Revisions to Common Core Happen Anyway

To Review or Not To Review? The question of having an outside party review changes made to the Common Core Standards in NC has sparked theatrics and various tantrums from Educrats across the state.  Continue reading

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