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#NCED Updates – 3 SBE Resignations, 2 Out At DPI & Durham tries to Deplatform Charter Schools

There was a lot of big news in NC Education last week. Three members of the State Board of Education tendered resignations, while two employees at the Department of Public Instruction ‘left’.  Also, the radical Durham City Council tried out a test case for deplatforming school choice in their district and much more. Continue reading

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About That NC Educator Survey On Guns

This survey was fundamentally flawed from the get-go, as the link to the survey was open to more than just educators. In addition, anyone using an incognito web window could take the survey as many times as they wanted. Continue reading

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NC DPI’s Annual School Crime Report Is Out

Following the revelations in Broward County Public Schools following the Valentines Day shooting, all eyes should be on the recently released NC Dept. of Public Instruction (NC DPI) annual school crime report.

It’s still a draft right now, but it likely won’t change much. Continue reading

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NC Dept of Public Instruction Gets A Checkup

The NC Department of Public Instruction will be getting an “operational assessment.” Continue reading

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NC Dept. Of Public Instruction Touts 4th Year of Powerschool, Ignores Failings

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction sent out a press release yesterday, hailing the success of Powerschool, which captures student data and information statewide.

The press release also didn’t mention Powerschool’s failings.

These failings include a $7 million dollar maintenance rate, hundreds of ‘slow connectivity incidents’, missing deliverables and suspect payments to ‘contractors’. Continue reading

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Controversial NC Student Health Assessment Form Was Quietly Rewritten

Last year parents were outraged to find out that the health assessment form required for entry into Kindergarten in North Carolina schools was being expanded to students of any age or grade level entering the system.

Parents were further outraged when they realized what the form actually asked for. Overly intrusive questions beyond what the law requires were on the form.

Questions included assessing whether or not a child had normal or abnormal genitals is just one example. Other inappropriate topic areas covered included asking if your baby was “full-term” and the form also asked about “trauma”, “family stress” and about your child’s personal/social development. Continue reading

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NC DPI’s Latest Bad Idea: Survey Kids About Their Teachers

The most recent State Board of Education meetings have been an exercise in what NOT to do for the Department of Public Education (DPI).

Behold, DPI’s latest bad idea: Surveying kids about their “perceptions” of their teachers.

File this under: WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Continue reading

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