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NC #ASRC Handout has Author Missing

In going over the December meeting materials from the Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC), there was one handout that was missing any notation of who the author was.

This handout had a header on it that said, “Legislatively Required Standards Review Process in Other States”. A closer inspection of the original document’s properties showed it was authored by Michael Gilligan.

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BEST NC’s 2020 Vision Initiative

Common Core was discussed in North Carolina’s legislature starting in 2013 and running through 2014. The result of the discussion, meetings, hearings and testimony was Senate Bill 812. This bill ordered an appointed commission (ASRC) to review and replace the Common … Continue reading

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Where Is The Transparency For NC Common Core Commission?

“The Commission shall assemble content experts to assist it in evaluating the rigor of academic standards. The Commission shall also involve interested stakeholders in this process and otherwise ensure that the process is transparent.” – SB 812

The NC Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) was supposed to be set up in a fashion so that the process of removing Common Core would be open and transparent to the public.

So far, only those able to attend the meetings in person have been able to see what is going on. Even attending in person, materials used by presenters thus far have not been made available to the public in a timely manner and in some cases, are still not available.


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@DrJuneAtkinson, It’s time for the CCSSO to #ReleaseTheFiles

Last month, I called for transparency from NC State Superintendent Atkinson, as the president of the CCSSO (Council Of Chief State School Officers) to release their files on the Common Core. Specifically, the closed door meeting sessions of the validation committee.

For the uninitiated, the validation committee for the Common Core were forced to sign confidentiality agreements and their meeting were held in private, denying citizens much needed transparency. I am again calling for the CCSSO to release the files. Continue reading

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#MoralMonday: Transparency Fail by Wake Sheriff, Courts

I’ve been tracking the arrests at Moral Monday for the last month and had no problem accessing the once public records of the arrests, that is up until last week. The Wake County Sheriff site has stopped making the records of these arrests public information.


Huge hat tip to Civitas:

Let’s say you’re an ordinary citizen and you trespass on someone’s property. You come back the next day anyway. You get arrested again, and this time you’re charged with contempt. Wait – what’s that? You’re the Rev. William Barber? Never mind. Please, come inside. Continue reading

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Jay Carney 2011 vs 2013: All Our Work Done In Email (video)

Originally posted on LL1885:
In 2011, Jay Carney said all of their work is done in work email accounts: In 2012, Issa shot off a letter to then Chief of staff and now head of Treasury, Jack Lew, asking for…

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