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Society’s New Colored Lens Isn’t Rose

Just some Liberty Speaks musings that popped up over the weekend regarding our current social environment.  Advertisements

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About That Nuisance Suit in Charlotte a Judge Tossed Out…

Recently a judge in the Charlotte area tossed a lawsuit out filed against multiple Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools volunteers and employees, as well as the Charlotte Observer and a local Charlotte attorney.   Here’s what the Charlotte Observer missed about the plaintiff. Continue reading

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#HurricaneIrma Information for #Florida

As Hurricane Harvey was devastating Houston I kept searching for a site that was a one-stop information portal.   Evacuation lists, emergency numbers, shelters, flooding maps, social media accounts to follow for info, up to date weather, Govt links, news, live feeds, local emergency bulletins, maps, rescue and relief efforts, and information from others in the areas affected.  Continue reading

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Louise Mensch: Her Six Degrees of Separation From Reality

It occurred to me that Louise Mensch hasn’t written a book in a while. This is strange considering for over a decade she was prolific in churning out bedside Jackie Collins style books such as Venus Envy, Glitz, Desire and … Continue reading

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NC Governor Names Three Appointments to Utilities Commission

On May 1st, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper named his three choices for appointments to the state’s Utilities Commission. Continue reading

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