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A #CCSSO President’s Term Coming To A Close

In 2014, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) announced their new president-elect.
A year later, with her Presidency coming to an end, Atkinson is now the longest-serving K-12 Educrat in the nation. Atkinson intends to run for state superintendent again, extending her reign. Lucky North Carolina.

Most had suspected that with Common Core bursting into flames that Atkinson would not be entering the race, but yet she has. Glutton for punishment? Control freak? No Golden parachute? Just can’t give up? Who knows. Continue reading

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Will Local Media Finally Report On Who The CCSSO President Is?

To date, no local media reports on the Common Core standards or the debate in North Carolina surrounding the standards have bothered to mention that NC’s Superintendent is also the President of the CCSSO. This is a clear conflict of interest, yet not a word has been said about it in the press.

Atkinson, as President of the CCSSO, just gave the “State of the States” address…. Continue reading

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CCSSO President’s Homeschool Tweet Sees Backlash

In yesterday’s article, CCSSO President Questions Testing For Homeschoolers, the question was posed by Dr. Atkinson that perhaps homeschoolers and private schooled children should be taking the same tests as public school children.

Here’s the original tweet:

With choice, should homeschool & private school students have to take the same tests as public school students? If no, why not? #HLR2015

— June Atkinson (@DrJuneAtkinson) January 12, 2015

This question has led to some backlash.
Better watch it, ya’ll. You might be accused of bearing false witness.

Some replies:

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Here Comes The Common Core Curriculum

“It’s just a set of standards…”

Yeah, right.
The tests are aligned. Now it’s time to align the curriculum…for ‘free’, of course.

So who is going to align the curriculum?

Meet The K-12 Open Educational Resources Collaborative (K-12 OER).

From the K-12 OER Collaborative site:

“The K-12 OER Collaborative is creating comprehensive, high-quality, open educational resources (OER) supporting Mathematics and English Language Arts aligned with state standards.”

“This project is a state-led collaborative, with support provided by many of the leading non-profits in OER and education.”

“Members include eleven state education agencies, CCSSO, Achieve, Creative Commons, The Learning Accelerator, Lumen Learning, SETDA, and more. See the full list of participants.”

Open Education 2014
The K-12 OER recently held an event called Open Education 2014.


“This project is not creating a national curriculum and steps are being taken to ensure it will not be perceived in this way.”

Continue reading

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CCSSO President/NC Superintendent Elect To Become Longest Serving Educrat

NC’s Superintendent who is also the confirmed new CCSSO President is about to become the longest termed Superintendent in the country. Atkinson was CCSSO President-elect up until the 14th of November.

According to @StateEdWatch, @DrJuneAtkinson soon to become nation’s longest tenured state K-12 chief. http://t.co/NQ9bFyO13z

— JC Considine (@ConsidineJC) November 14, 2014

According to @StateEdWatch, @DrJuneAtkinson soon to become nation’s longest tenured state K-12 chief. http://t.co/NQ9bFyO13z

— JC Considine (@ConsidineJC) November 14, 2014

That’s a lot of political dodging and weaving to stay in the top Educrat spot in NC, but for how much longer? Speculations are Atkinson won’t run in 2016. I think it would be a fair assessment that Dr. Atkinson is in education the equivalent of a career politician. Given her significant role in bringing Common Core to North Carolina and the subsequent firestorm, perhaps she’ll be heading to a cushy Gates-tied job like former Governor Perdue. Continue reading

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