@DrJuneAtkinson, It’s time for the CCSSO to #ReleaseTheFiles

Last month, I called for transparency from NC State Superintendent Atkinson, as the president of the CCSSO (Council Of Chief State School Officers) to release their files on the Common Core. Specifically, the closed door meeting sessions of the validation committee.

For the uninitiated, the validation committee for the Common Core were forced to sign confidentiality agreements and their meeting were held in private, denying citizens much needed transparency. I am again calling for the CCSSO to release the files.


Dr. June Atkinson is President of the CCSSO – one of the two DC trade groups that put together the Common Core and hold its copyright. She’s also the NC State Superintendent and, despite her claims to the contrary,  has been less than transparent on all fronts in NC about Common Core.

It’s time to call her and the CCSSO out.

We want to encourage people to ask Dr. Atksinson, as president of the CCSSO, to engage in transparency with the public by demanding she release any and all CCSSO meeting notes, validation committee minutes and documentation related to the Common Core. Make these documents available on the CCSSO website.

Get on Twitter and ask @DrJuneAtkinson on twitter to BE TRANSPARENT #ReleaseTheFiles

Template tweet:

DEMAND TRANSPARENCY. Tell @DrJuneAtkinson, It’s time for the @CCSSO to #ReleaseTheFiles http://stopcommoncorenc.org/2014/02/24/drjuneatkinson-time-ccsso-releasethefiles/ … #StopCommonCore

Also, follow me on Twitter and join the fight against Common Core. My handle is @LadyLiberty1885

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Be sure to check out how Dr. Atkinson responded to this request the first time I made it.

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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