Jay Carney 2011 vs 2013: All Our Work Done In Email (video)

In 2011, Jay Carney said all of their work is done in work email accounts:

In 2012, Issa shot off a letter to then Chief of staff and now head of Treasury, Jack Lew, asking for the emails. Did Issa ever get his answer? I was unable to locate any reply on Oversight and Reform’s site.

Now in 2013, Carney says this about individuals email accounts:

What a dodge. Most transparent administration ever.

UPDATE – Forgot to add this from Politico:

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday that having two email accounts has been a routine practice during this and previous administrations.

He said administration officials have one address that they use for public email and another that they use for internal communication, but he said all are searched in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.

“Let’s be clear: This is a practice consistent with prior administrations of both parties,” Carney said, and added that the secondary accounts are not “secret” but rather “alternative work” accounts.

So in other words, yes – you do have unofficial accounts you do The People’s business on.


TRANSPARENCY: Associated Press: Secret mails of top Obama appointees remain a mystery. Plus, a press shakedown scandal?

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  2. Testy West Wing exchanges are nothing new — Carney’s predecessor, Robert Gibbs, was especially fond of rhetorical brawling. But Carney’s latest dustup with the media, a particularly contentious Tuesday briefing, exposed long-simmering tensions between a presidential spokesman who often questions reporters’ motives and a press pack who regard him as unwilling or unable to deliver straight answers.


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