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Public School Forum Announces 2016 “Issues”

The Public School Forum of NC (PSFNC) held their second annual “Eggs and Issues” forum last week. NCSPIN was there, but the video isn’t available yet.

Yes, there were actually eggs (and bacon!) served. The event was held at the crack of dawn, in the middle of the week at Marbles Kids museum downtown again. This made it impossible for a parent to attend but perfect for business people. That’s by design I suspect.

At the forum, the president and executive director. Keith Poston. announced the top ten “issues” that PSFNC will focus on in 2016.

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NCSPIN: Fitzsimon Doesn’t Get Why McCrory Would Stand Up For NC Children

From the, “OMG …REALLY?” Files:

Just when you think Fitzsimon can’t get any more obtuse & partisan… https://t.co/OIOa4Kgbup BECAUSE THIS ISSUE WILL COME HERE, CHRIS.

— A.P. Dillon – LL1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) December 16, 2015

The video link in the tweet is to an NC SPIN clip titled, “Why is Gov. McCrory involved in a Virginia transgender court case?”.

So what transgender case is blinkin’ Chris being obtuse about?

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NCSPIN: Fitzsimon thinks college should be free… because NC Constitution.

On the latest edition of NCSPIN, the topic of the loud and ridiculous protesters interrupting an event at UNC was brought up.

During the conversation, Chris Fitzsimon says that he thinks college tuition should be ‘free’.
Yeah, mm Ok. Nothing is free.
Also, the panel talked about the Common Core review commission and viewers were treated to the same attack script that we’ve seen with local media outlets on the topic. Continue reading

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NC Public School Forum ‘Eggs and Issues’ – Pushing Common Core

Last month the NC Public School Forum hosted an event called ‘Eggs and Issues’, which covered education topics.

NC SPIN did a special taping of the event.

Common Core conversation started around the 22:30 mark…. Continue reading

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#NCSPIN: DPI Expanded Scoring Lowered The Bar

On NC SPIN episode # 848, which aired on 2/1/15, North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction was called on the carpet for expanding the scoring system in order to make results look better.


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