NCSPIN: Fitzsimon Doesn’t Get Why McCrory Would Stand Up For NC Children

From the, “OMG …REALLY?” Files:

The video link in the tweet is to an NC SPIN clip titled, “Why is Gov. McCrory involved in a Virginia transgender court case?“.


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So what transgender case is blinkin’ Chris being obtuse about?

For those who might have missed it, Governor McCrory joined a multi-state amicus brief against the US Department of Education after Attorney General Roy Cooper was asked to enter into it and refused to do so. I wrote about this turn of events at Civitas.

In November, I wrote in-depth about the US Department of Education’s use of lawfare under Title IX to force schools to comply in allowing students who “identify” as the opposite sex to use facilities for the opposite sex.

In other words, the US Department of Education was suing schools and districts in order to dictate who goes pee or changes clothes in what room — based only on what gender any given student “identifies” as.

So, not that you have the back story, let’s turn back to blinkin’ Chris Fitzsimon on NC SPIN.

Chris goes full political out of the gate. You’re all shocked, I know.

Here’s some more shock — He’s partly right.  I think McCrory was somewhat motivated by wanting to fire up the conservative base a bit. The moms have not forgotten how McCrory has backed Common Core and conservative folks are unamused by his antics with the General Assembly.

However, this issue isn’t just firing up one side of the aisle, parents from all political affiliations are pretty outraged over this strong-arming by the Fed.   McCrory stepping in was the right move — this case is about more than an abusive interpretation of Title IX, it’s about parental rights and blocking yet another federal overreach.

By the way, Fitzsimon conveniently doesn’t mention Roy Cooper declining to do his job as requested by the Governor as purely politically motivated on Cooper’s part. Shocker again.

Fitzsimon eagerly takes the side of ‘transgender’ kids.  Fitzsimon said that McCrory joining the amicus brief,  ” demonizes teenagers… very few teenagers … who are struggling and already stigmatized and this makes it a lot worse”.

Gee, Chris, is forcing these “very few teenagers” who have been stigmatized into the bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex is really going to help??

Fitzsimon wasn’t done, he went on to say this was a “despicable act” and it was “ridiculous” for McCrory to wade into it because it “doesn’t affect North Carolina at this point”.

You’ve gotta be a special kind of partisan stupid if you think this won’t come to North Carolina. Wake County is the 16th largest school district in the country, Mr. Fitzsimon. Who the heck do you think you’re kidding?

Host Tom Campbell asked Fitzsimon if he were a parent, would this concern him. Fitzsimon said  no and then diatribed about these “poor kids”  are already so uncomfortable and how awful it must be for them. Never once does he mention how uncomfortable this situation would be for the rest of the students.

To his credit, Campbell asks Fitzsimon, ‘what’s wrong with telling them [transgender kids] to use the unisex bathroom?’

Fitzsimon blinks like mad and questions if there are even unisex bathrooms available, then went on tow the liberal social justice line, “The more I think we make them different and feel different… the worse we do. I don’t think there’s been any case where there has been any big problems.”

Yes, let’s wait for a big problem and then act. Wow.

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