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#DM7 Article: The Exploding NC Democrat Heads

This is reposting of my weekly Da Tech Guy column: The Exploding NC Democrat Heads

By A.P. Dillon

Question: On what planet do people complain about a $400 million surplus and paying off $2.8 billion in unemployment insurance debt that was racked up by a former govern Continue reading

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More Quality NC Dem Recruiting

The NC Dems sure are on a quality candidate campaign these days. From The guy who couldn’t win American Idol to Peter Griffin. The win is strong with the NC Dems.

Here’s yet another example as they attempt to fill the seat of recently deceased Senator Nesbitt.- what amounts to an open call ad in a local news outlet:

Want to serve in #NCGA? @BuncombeDems invite candidates to run (must live in District 49) http://t.co/YGiOOjjwPR #avlelect #ncpol

— Jake Frankel (@JakeFrankel) March 12, 2014

Feels like more of that special #branding. Hey, at least Buncombe’s HQ isn’t in jeopardy. Yet. Continue reading

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#NCDEMS Outta Cash?

An Executive Council member who attended the meeting said embattled party Chairman Randy Voller told members the party is “broke,” with only $60,000 in the bank. – WRAL

Aw gee, the NC Dem Party is chaired by Randy Voller having money troubles? That’s a shocker. Democrats are probably glad WRAL’s article is mercifully short; but the blog Who The Hell Is George points out the article is also a little short on facts.

The NC Democrat party is indeed suffering. I can’t imagine their far Left push and association with Moral Monday is helping fundraising efforts in a state where Democrats traditionally have trended more centrist than Left. Chairman Voller’s attempt to bring the accused serial sexual harasser and general controversy stirring Ben Chavis on board to further promote that march to the Far Left didn’t help. Related Flashback: Democrats Are Melting Down In NC Continue reading

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