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NC Big Media Still Silent on Suit To Remove Keever – #ncpol #ncdems

As previously reported by this site, the larger media outlets in North Carolina have remained silent on the attempts by the African-American Caucus (AAC) of the NC Democratic Party to remove Patsy Keever as party chair.

Media continued to ignore it even after the group filed suit in Wake County.

The only outlet who has reported on this turn of events to date is the Tribune Papers. All four were penned by Roger McCredie. Continue reading

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NCDP African-American Caucus: Keever Disenfranchised Us; Files Suit In Wake Cty

Earlier in June, I wrote about a petition filed by various members of the NC Democrat African-American Caucus to remove the Party Chair, Patsy Keever.

The very lengthy list of charges against Keever include holding unconstitutional conventions, violating the Voting Rights Act and disenfranchising North Carolina African-American Voters.

No media covered the story then and no media is covering it now, except this one as noted in a press release from the Director of BlacVotesCount. This media blackout continues despite members of the NCDP African-American Caucus contacting multiple media outlets in the state. Continue reading

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NC Dem Party Chair Under Fire, NC Media Blows It Off – #ncpol

A petition to remove NC Democrat Party Chair, Patsy Keever, has been filed. This filing and release apparently went out on or around May 21st.

It was filed on behalf of the African American Caucus Forsyth County Democratic Party (AAC-FCDP), Valeria Conyers , the 2nd Vice President AAC-NCDP and Perry Graves, Member African-American Caucus Rockingham County Democratic Party AAC-NCDP. Continue reading

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Rep. Jackson Finds Protecting NC Women and Children ‘immoral’ and ‘offensive’ – #ncga

In my Inbox (see below) — A message from Rep. Darren Jackson (D, NC 39-Wake) who sides with the dangerous Charlotte Ordinance and is apparently uninterested in protecting North Carolina’s women and children.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Of Course There Were Arrests, That’s How Moral Monday Rolls.

Yesterday there was a rally in support of HB 2 and a series of Moral Monday orchestrated protests, which of course ended up in arrests because that’s how Moral Monday rolls.

The Moral Monday orchestrated ‘volunteering’ to be arrested for a pre-planned civil disobedience event really and truly is getting old. But it’s all they’ve got in their short stack of tricks. Continue reading

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The Rise of the #HB2Liars [Updated]

The NC campaign to paint HB 2 as discriminating against veterans, disabled persons, LGBT individuals and even pregnant women, has begun.

None of these claims are even remotely true. But that doesn’t matter. This is the narrative.

Stop taking this crap. Start calling out the #HB2Liars to their faces. Continue reading

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