NCAA’s #HB2 Political Stunt Financed By Taxpayers

The NCAA has recently decided to pull 7 championship games out of North Carolina.

Why? Because it’s good politics for the Democrats.  It’s part of the drip, drip, drip of economic and political blackmail by activists companies.

Another reason the NCAA and now the ACC are pulling this six months after House Bill 2 (HB2) was passed is that news of North Carolina’s amazing economic victories was starting to gain traction.

Read more about this political blackmail and how our top officials punched back twice as hard in my latest article at Breitbart, GOP Leaders in North Carolina Challenge Alliance of Transgender, Gay, Business, Media Groups. 

What a lot of folks likely don’t realize is the NCAA is a giant monopoly and one that is subsidized by the taxpayers in every state.

USA Today Sports has a list of the 2014-15 finances for the NCAA broken out by school, revenue, amount of subsidy they receive and what percentage that subsidy represents.

I made a summary of this data and broke it out by ACC, North Carolina schools and then gave the full total of all schools. The numbers are positively stunning.


* Note: The percentage subsidy above is the overall total of the % Subsidy. If one recalculates each section’s subsidy based on the revenues combined, the ACC % Subsidy is 18.61%, NC Schools is 9.48% and All schools is 2.73%.

Yes, that’s over $1 billion for the ACC alone in total revenue with a total subsidy of nearly $188 million. There are two North Carolina schools in that ACC list which threw over $15 million in subsidies at the NCAA.

Why are we subsidizing a multi-billion dollar operation? Seriously, I’m asking.

Now the NCAA are denying athletes the opportunity to play here, citizens the chance to watch games and cutting into the livelihood of businesses in the area.  Why? For the advantage and fundraising of a political party.

So no, the NCAA’s move is not about ‘inclusion’ or fighting ‘discrimination’.  It’s about scoring political points and about the dismantling of the realities of biology, as well as traditions and beliefs.

Take a gander at Rep. Skip Stam’s write-up exposing the ‘breathtaking hypocrisy‘ of the NCAA.  Be sure to read all the way through and pay attention to the details in Fact #4 in the list. The NCAA’s own transgender policies are in violation of Title IX.

Near the very end, Stam nails it:

 “If the letter of advice from the Department of Justice and Department of Education is converted into a law by the Federal Courts then the days are numbered for collegiate, high school and professional women’s sports. Title IX was conceived as a boon to women in sports but will now be used as a weapon against them.”


“If the NCAA wants to solidify its commitment to “fairness and inclusion” and restrict its activities to states that meet its litmus test for an “inclusive atmosphere,” it should expand its deliberations to include the 24 states suing the Obama Administration and the overlapping 28 states with policies similar to North Carolina’s, while also turning the spotlight on its own policies regarding women in athletics. Soon it will no longer be the National Collegiate Athletic Association.”

For those thinking this debacle has only upset Republicans or Conservatives, think again.

George Fisher is a Democrat. He’s become a good friend of mine over the last year or so and we’ve had some truly excellent debates.  He has his own blog, which I recommend folks check out.

This morning, I spotted some commentary from George on the NCAA being purely a political situation.  With his permission, I am sharing it here.

The North Carolina Democratic Party is scared to do anything against HRC or Equality. The NCDP is control by the “gay agenda” and the Democrats can’t and won’t put a stop to it because they have nothing else going for them for the past 8 years.

Democratic politicians are using this as a cash cow hoping to win back enough of the legislature to get back in power. So, they are allowing EqualityNC, HRC and other progressive one-sided groups to lobby corporations and organizations against HB2 – hoping that the average voter will get mad enough to send Pat McCrory home and win enough seats in the NCGA to stop a veto override. Meanwhile, hoping that Linda Coleman can ride in on the coattails of the political emotion.

Because 40% of the NCDP is controlled (by committee appointments or otherwise) by YDs and/or gay individuals who are one issue operatives. They are NOT social justice warriors – they are political operatives with an agenda controlled by power and greed.

EqualityNC and HRC (which doesn’t even have a chapter in NC) are fundraising off of this issue. Follow the money. Any politician, and I MEAN ANY POLITICIAN who tells you HB2 was about bathrooms is lying to your face.

Pat McCrory was right when he said the NC Chamber signed off on HB2. Why? Do you really think the NC Chamber cares where anyone uses the restrooms? No. They could care less. The Chamber went to Pat McCrory and gave him cover as a payback for the rest of the HB2, this was before the final draft of the bill that was passed around BEFORE the special session was even called. Dems are using this as any political party would but the reality is don’t blame Pat McCrory and Dan Forest for something they didn’t create.

Boom. There you have it. Thank you, George. You nailed it.

For those wishing to give the NCAA, ACC or some of the reckless NC media a piece of their mind, SisterToldjah has a contact list for you.


*This article has been updated to clarify the Subsidies Charts

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9 Responses to NCAA’s #HB2 Political Stunt Financed By Taxpayers

  1. CG says:

    Every team in North Carolina that’s in the ACC, should pull out of the ACC and switch conferences. there you go, no more revenue from the NC teams going to the ACC!!


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  3. Tim Peck says:

    “Ending the super-majority would be a coup for Democrats, especially if Democrat Roy Cooper wins the gubernatorial race and could veto legislation without an almost definite override. Cooper is leading Republican Pat McCrory in recent polls, but the race is tight. A Cooper victory Nov. 8 could be a big check on Republicans’ conservative advances in Raleigh this decade. A good November for House Democrats also could put them in position to win the chamber back in 2018.”

    The ultimate goal is to win a majority by 2020. Just in time for redistricting.


  4. Unaffiliated Voter says:

    ROFLMAO! I LOVE all this BS over the worthless NCAA ! ! Ok, so let’s just shut down all athletics at ALL public screwls right now in NC ! ! ! Roy Cooper should be roasted in all this!


  5. J, Cleary says:

    Perhaps we should simply end all college sports, they have come to the point that they create more issues than they offer solutions; not to mention how much they take away from education! Don’t get me wrong, I love sports, and sports of all types; but when they gain more importance than education and morality, it’s time to “change the game”…


  6. Andy Perrigo says:

    AP, in this case what is ‘subsidies’? What are some examples. I agree with you, but ‘subsidies’ is difficult to explain


  7. Kim says:

    McCrory MUST fight back — starting with banning the NCAA and ACC from North Carolina on the basis of THEIR misogynistic policies that endanger North Carolina women and children. Call their bluff. You honestly think they would give up all that revenue?!!

    And while the ultimate goal of this liberal/progressive agenda is to defeat Pat McCrory, the byproduct will be the end of single sex bathrooms in our state. Cooper will owe the HRC cabal big time and they will demand this insanity. The Charlotte ordinance will go statewide. Maybe mothers will wake up but by then it will be too late. To paraphrase the Charlotte Observer, girls will just have to get over their discomfort of seeing male genitalia in the rest room.


  8. Tim Peck says:

    “For the advantage and fundraising of a political party.”

    Seeing how the narrative opposing HB2 has been tirelessly tailored to focus only on McCrory rather than the lawmakers who wrote and passed HB2, I think it’s fair to say that the political boycotts are directed at helping one candidate’s campaign: Roy Cooper.


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