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#WCPSS Updates: Supt. pay is raised while special needs kids have no buses, plus MVP Math, Reassignment draft delays and who is watching the kids?

It was a busy week or two in Wake County Public Schools.

Topics this week include the Superintendent getting a pay raise while special needs students still have no transportation. Also, touching base on MVP Math, fees for records requests and a question: who is watching the kids? Continue reading

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#WCPSS Updates: MVP Math, Reassignment plan, Restart Status and a Brain Drain

Welcome to the first WCPSS updates article. I usually roll Wake County Public Schools up into my NCED updates articles, but lately, the district has had enough news to generate its own edition.  This edition will cover MVP Math updates, reassignment plan, restart status declarations and a ‘brain drain’. Continue reading

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#NCED Updates: MVP Math Fight, Charter Approvals and WCPSS ‘Diversity’ Plans

In this edition of NCED Updates: MVP math in Wake County, Charter School Advisory Board approved more charters, Wake County policy changes, and an episode of ‘when anti-school choice mouthpieces attack’. Continue reading

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Special Edition #NCED Updates: WCPSS Is A Hot Mess

There is a lot going on in North Carolina education at the moment, but there needs to be a spotlight on the fact that the largest school district in the state, Wake County, is a flaming hot mess. Continue reading

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