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See My Latest At Civitas — Update On Common Core In NC

My latest is up over at Civitas — Legislators Demand Action Against Common Core. Continue reading

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Common Core Is Not Gone From NC, Folks.

In case you missed it, the Academic Standards Review Commission who met for 15 months decided to take a dive. Several of the members went cannibal on poor Dr. Scheick and as a result, killed the math recommendations. The vanilla … Continue reading

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NC Common Core Commission Co-Chair To Members: You Disregarded Your Duty

In a press release yesterday, Academic Standards Commission Co-Chair Covil penned a letter showing her dissent from the Commission’s vote on recommendations which took place at the final meeting on 12/18/15.

In his most recent news letter, Senator Jerry Tillman included Covil’s full letter and added his own comment at the bottom:

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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As NC Common Core Commission Wraps Up, DPI Starts 5 YR Annual Review

The NC Common Core commission (known as the ASRC) tasked with reviewing Common Core and making recommendations for removal of the standards is coming to a close, DPI has announced it has begun it’s 5 year annual review of the NC standard course of study.

Common Core fighters, get ready. The fix is in. Continue reading

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NC Scores Reveal Charters Scored Higher

North Carolina test results and school grades have shown that Charter schools outperformed public schools with the percentage of Charters earning better ratings across the board than Public schools.

There are a lot of reasons why and some claims about the results are muddying the waters. Continue reading

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Consolidation of Ed Data Continues With McCrory Proposal To Move DNPE

The Governor’s new budget proposes to move the Department of Non-Public Schools under his office’s purview.

All your kids are belong to us, @PatMcCroryNC? #nced #ncgov “Budget proposes moving DNPE into Governor’s Office” http://t.co/28C3DYus5P

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) March 26, 2015

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Sen. Tillman On Opportunity Scholarships – Watch Out For Muslim Schools?

What the parents think is right for their child? Not really a factor for the Senator, apparently.

His main focus seems to be on “Muslim schools”. He stopped short of calling them “Schools of Terror” like NC Superintendent June Atkinson did.

Someone ask the Senator how many of those “Muslim schools” there are in North Carolina and whether those parents should be able to decide as to which school their kids go to learn. Here’s a hint – you can probably county them on your fingers.

By the way, here’s the law regulating private schools. There are plenty of regulations in place.

From Sen. Tillman’s weekly newsletter:

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