As NC Common Core Commission Wraps Up, DPI Starts 5 YR Annual Review

The NC Common Core commission (known as the ASRC) tasked with reviewing Common Core and making recommendations for removal of the standards is coming to a close, DPI has announced it has begun it’s 5 year annual review of the NC standard course of study.

I’m paraphrasing here, but this is pretty close, officials from DPI told attendees at the 11/5/15 Board of Education meeting that ‘we are starting our 5 year review. We will take the  information produced by the Academic Standards Review Commission into consideration‘.

Gee, how nice of them.   Common Core fighters, get ready. The fix is in.

Common Core kermitDPI should be reminded that, per Senator Tillman, “The legislature, in my opinion, will not take something that is just a rehash.”

I doubt the legislature will accept DPI erasing any of the recommendations the commission ends up making while they do their annual 5 year review either.

This was the point of having the commission end now; so their work could be incorporated not ‘considered.

Senator Tillman should be reminded the parents will make him eat his own words if Common Core stays in place.

This is a great opportunity for all parties to turn the favorite false “state-led” talking point of Common Core supporters into a true statement.

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