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Buffy is still right about homeschooling

In a Harvard Magazine article, Elizabeth Bartholet, faculty director of Harvard Law School’s Child Advocacy Program, makes a number of pretty outrageous – and demonstrably false – claims about homeschooling.  Continue reading

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Cruz: Homeschoolers Strengthen the Fundamental Pillars of Our Nation [Video]

Sen. Ted Cruz has a new video out extolling the value of homeschooling.

In it, Cruz notes that ‘homeschoolers strengthen the fundamental pillars of our nation’. The video is at the bottom of this article and is embedded in the announcement on his campaign site.

The announcement on Cruz’s site notes the coalition already has over 6,500 members:


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Wake Cty Schools And The Funds

News and Observer has an article up about Wake County Schools enrollment numbers being down and the subsequent potential loss of revenue for the school system.

I left a comment:


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The Wunderlich Family’s Homeschool Fight (Video)

This past November, Germany’s Supreme Court has created criminal charges and penalties for parents who do not send their child to public school. In the case of the Wunderlich’s, the government seized not only their bank account, but their children.

Those of you who followed my updates on the Romeike family and their quest for asylum in the United States due to homeschool persecution in Germany, you need to watch this video from the Homeschool League Defense Association (HSLDA) on the Wunderlich’s. Read their story here.


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NCSPIN Covers NC Homeschool Explosion

At the tail end of NCSPIN episode #827, they covered the explosion in homeschool rates in North Carolina.

At about 23:44, the host makes mention that a lot of the feedback from those pulling their kids to homeschool was due to Common Core, then segues into the NC General Assembly ordering a “re-working” of Common Core. The host asks former Lt. Governor Wicker if the changes to the Common Core will bring those parents and students back into the public school system. Wicker said no, ‘more and more find it an attractive option’. Wicker also did an apologist dance for the Core, saying it was ‘misunderstood’.

Watch: Continue reading

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GUEST POST: HomeSchoolers Warning About Common Core

The following is a Guest post by a concerned parent and citizen of NC from the Homeschooling community.


As a concerned parent, I have been asked to share with you some of my findings in looking into Common Core Standards’ web in NC’s education. Below is just a small amount of what I’ve learned.

Beware the dressing up of a sow!

What do I mean?! Charter schools, since the cap has been lifted, are sprouting up and taking advantage of the Common Core Standards. Continue reading

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News & Record’s Statist Response To Home Schooling Searches

I was under the weather and out of action yesterday but perhaps might have rallied to respond to this article at the News and Record had I seen it: Home school inspections would intrude on privacy?

A day ago, the Lt. Governor’s office sent out press releases alerting the public that NDPE (Division of Non-Public Education) might be thinking about bringing back random spot inspections and searches of home schools. NDPE and the Lt. Governor’s office then issued a joint statement saying such inspections would not happen.

The article, written by Doug Clark, seems to take aim at the Lt. Governor for advocating the privacy rights of home schoolers. The article reports the facts of the case in the first couple of paragraphs, then it turns a bit statist sounding. From the article with emphasis added: Continue reading

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