The Wunderlich Family’s Homeschool Fight (Video)

This past November, Germany’s Supreme Court has created criminal charges and penalties for parents who do not send their child to public school.  In the case of the Wunderlich’s, the government seized not only their bank account, but their children.

Those of you who followed my updates on the Romeike family and their quest for asylum in the United States due to homeschool persecution in Germany, you need to watch this video from the Homeschool League Defense Association (HSLDA) on the Wunderlich’s.  Read their story here.

Video Description:

Published on Dec 9, 2014

In August 2013, about 20 German police officers and social workers burst into Dirk and Petra’s home and forcibly removed their four children—all because they were homeschooling. Their fight continues. Watch their story and learn how you can help.

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For more background on the Wunderlich’s story:

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