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Possibly the most half-assed researched birther rant I’d ever seen

In a prior article debunking the Trump Lies about Cruz, there was a tome of a comment submitted. I admit, I did not read the whole thing. I read the first portion and then skipped to the end. No one has time for that much crazy.

What I did read in the first portion gave me pause. It was possibly the most half-assed researched birther rant I’d ever seen. Continue reading

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Trump Lies, you know.

Ok, so yesterday I posted a video about people in Times Square being asked who said a series of different quotes — was it Trump or was it Hillary? The vast majority guessed wrong. A comment was left that got … Continue reading

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The Ted Cruz/Megyn Kelly Townhall in Raleigh – #cruzcrew

Ted Cruz swung into North Carolina earlier this week and held a couple of events in Raleigh and Charlotte. The event started as a rally, but quickly change format to a townhall with Megyn Kelly of FOX news.


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On S. 306, You Have The Right To Your Opinion, But Not Your Own Facts

More than a dozen parents have emailed me in the last week or so about articles written by two activists regarding US Senate bill 306. I’m tired of repeating myself in email, so I decided to write this article. For the record, those two activists are Anita Hoge and Alice Linahan. Continue reading

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Cruz: Homeschoolers Strengthen the Fundamental Pillars of Our Nation [Video]

Sen. Ted Cruz has a new video out extolling the value of homeschooling.

In it, Cruz notes that ‘homeschoolers strengthen the fundamental pillars of our nation’. The video is at the bottom of this article and is embedded in the announcement on his campaign site.

The announcement on Cruz’s site notes the coalition already has over 6,500 members:


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Sen. Burr More Interested in “The Voice” Than GOP Debate [UPDATED]

[Updates at the bottom of the article] Yesterday was a tough day for NC’s Senator Burr, who serves as Senate Intel Chair. On December 16th, it was reported that SenatorĀ Burr asked his staff to look into statements made by Senator … Continue reading

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Rubio Campaign Channeling Leeeeeeerooooooy Jenkins – #CruzCrew

The latest attacks on Ted Cruz by the Rubio campaign seem to be invoking the Leeroy Jenkins strategy. That is to say, rushing into things before really thinking it through.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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