Cruz: Homeschoolers Strengthen the Fundamental Pillars of Our Nation [Video]

Sen. Ted Cruz has a new video out extolling the value of homeschooling.

In it, Cruz notes that ‘homeschoolers strengthen the fundamental pillars of our nation’.   The video is at the bottom of this article and is embedded in the announcement on his campaign site.

The announcement on Cruz’s site notes the coalition already has over 6,500 members:

The group represents homeschool communities across the country who are dissatisfied with their local school districts, the recent implementation of Common Core, or just wish to be more involved in their children’s upbringing.

This coalition already totals 6,670 members, and will be co-chaired by Marlin Bontrager, William Estrada, and Vicki Crawford.

The announcement also gives bio information about Bontrager, Estrada and Crawford.

Given that homeschooling has indeed been on the rise nationwide ever since state adopted and implemented the horribly flawed Common Core Standards, this coalition and video will likely resonate with many families out there.

At the 1:25 mark, he takes aim at the ‘Common Core agenda’.  Glad to see him using the language of ‘agenda’, because that is exactly what Common Core and the Common Core State Standards Initiative is — an ‘agenda’ of top-down control.

Near the end, Cruz calls for the championing of School Choice and ‘especially homeschooling’.




Common Core is an ballot box issue. This is something that legislators and the Governor of North Carolina need to wrap their head around, because this happened under their watch and they now own the Common Core mess. Clean it up, folks.

Likewise, NC’s Superintendent Atkinson is running for reelection, is currently the longest serving K-12 educrat in the country and has been a very faithful servant to Common Core. Atkinson has also made questionable comments about Homeschooling and clearly takes issue with parents wanting to choose what is best for their child.

It’s time for the people of North Carolina to retire her.

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