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Did You Know Bill Gates Paid A Firm To Help Write NC’s Race To The Top grant?

Johnson should ask Dr. Atkinson why she allowed an out-of-state, multi-billion dollar consulting outfit which was “supported” by the Bill Gates Foundation to guide the writing of the NC Race To The Top application? Continue reading

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The Backstory On Those “Student Perception Surveys” – #NCed

Earlier this month, I wrote about another one of NC DPI’s bad ideas — the “student perception survey”.

I’ve traced them back to their origin — and it’s not the State Board of Education.

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Senate Wants Atkinson’s Documentation On DPI Budget Cuts [UPDATED]

Last month, I wrote about the little bombshell Superintendent Atkinson dropped that no one seemed to really pick up on other than Alex Granados at EducationNC.
In a nutshell, Atkinson took jobs from DPI that should have been in the ordered budget cuts and shifted them to the budget of a new program.

The Senate is calling her out on it.

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Ed Tech Company That Received Millions in RTTT Funds Shuts Down

Education Tech company, Thinkgate LLC, shut its doors this past week.

The company was located in Charlotte, North Carolina and provided a number of services to the North Carolina and other states. The company moved their headquarters to North Carolina just over a year ago.

Just six months ago, Thinkgate hired a new controller and moved into brand new office space in downtown Charlotte.

My gut reaction to this news — is this the start of an education version of Solyndra? Continue reading

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NC Senate Bill 880 And The NC Superintendent Position

In June of 2014, Senator Jerry Tillman filed Senate Bill 880 titled the Education Simplification Amendment. It passed the first reading and was sent to the Education/Higher Education committee. See the bill’s history here.
According to the SB 880’s opening text, the NC Superintendent of schools position would be changed significantly from and elected superintendent to a Governor appointed ‘secretary of education’ through a state Constitutional amendment:

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An NC Look At Malkin Article ‘Look Who Is Data Mining Your Toddlers’

Michelle Malkin has an important article out on data mining and how it is being done on our littlest citizens. The article covers a group called TS Gold (Teaching Strategies Gold). North Carolina uses TS Gold.

NC Uses TS Gold => Look who’s data-mining your toddlers http://t.co/Ch172cSEJm #nced #stopcommoncore

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) October 10, 2014

Malkin writes that TS Gold is an assessment tool tracking our littlest learners and is expanding through Third grade, with the bonus of capturing behavioral data:

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