BEST NC Wants Your Feedback

BEST NC is soliciting feedback on their ‘Facts and Figures’ document.

It’s worth taking a moment to look through some of the charts they’ve assembled. I admit, it’s far more comprehensive than anything the Department of Public Instruction has put out.

I met with their CEO, Brenda Berg, about a week ago to look at some of this information.

I noted that the poverty charts should probably include a disclaimer that the Free and Reduced lunch threshold has shifted higher for each of the last five years. This arguably is a component of the data presented that should be considered, i.e, is poverty really skyrocketing or are more families just meeting the criteria as it is adjusted upwards?

From my inbox:

Dear BEST NC Friends and Advisors,  

We are excited to announce that a draft 2016 version of our popular Facts & Figures booklet is now available on our website by clicking here. We would like your feedback to make the final 2016 booklet as helpful, relevant, and comprehensive as possible.

Will you take a few minutes to review the booklet and send us your suggestions? You can email any changes, revisions, or recommended updates to Feel free also to reply to this email if you would like to talk about your suggestions, or arrange a time to hand-off your notes.

All edits need to be shared by Friday, November 20, 2015.

We hope you will also share the draft version with your colleagues. Thank you in advance for your help in making this resource the best it can be!


Policy Fellow
757.589.0490 (cell)

Facts & Figures booklet available on our website:


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