10% Pay Increase For All Teachers! – #StuffAtkinsonSays

Last week, Dr. Atkinson jump started her relection campaign with a speech in front of the legislature’s House Select Committee on Education.

She called for a “10% pay increase” for all North Carolina Teachers. That translates to around $580 million dollars.

Alex Grandos’ report is pretty good and has video and the materials presented, including SAS’s ‘education non-profit’, BEST NC.

Brenda Berg of BEST NC has an interesting take on the school-house organizational structure as antiquated when compared to a private company’s org chart.  I don’t necessarily disagree with that, but it’s given Atkinson the idea that schools now need “business managers”.

Really? More DPI  bureaucratic bloat in our schools. That’s gonna help?

No, Principals are supposed to be these managers.  If the final goal is to better train principals to manage their schools better, great. If it’s adding another layer of educrats to our schools, thanks, but no thanks.

Granados’ report also includes Atkinson’s teacher pay “Wedding Cake”.

Nowhere baked in said ‘Wedding cake’ is the hugely varied supplemental pay set by local districts. And, of course, Atkinson offered no way to pay for this 10%.  You know she won’t be axing any DPI jobs to make that happen.

Who does she think she’s fooling? This is politics as usual.

Follow The Money
By the way, the 2015 Semi-Annual Campaign reports were due on 1/29/16.

A look at  Atkinson’s Committee, JUNE ATKINSON COMM [STA-843358-C-001], shows she filed her report on 1/28/16 and shows a beginning balance of $11,206.83 and ending balance of $0.

Total receipts were $42,382.29, of which $3,100 were from PACS, $39,022 from individuals and another $260 or in aggregated individual donations.

There were many top educrats at DPI among the donors.

Also were donations from two of the Moral Monday candidates that made it onto the Wake Board of Commissioners – Sig Hutchinson and Jessica Holmes. Holmes is also an NCAE attorney. SAS’s Gale Adcock, who unseated Tom Murry for this House seat, is also on board.

The biggest donations were two $5,100 donations. One from a former NEA employee, John I. Wilson, and another from a nurse named Bonnie S. Lyle who lives in Virginia.

Runners up were:

  • Malbert Smith, President MetaMetrics – $2,600
  • Timothy J Klasson, COO MetaMetrics – $2,500
  • Alfred J Stenner IV – $2,500
  • Cowell For Treasurer – $2,500
  • Alisa Smith, House Wife – $2,500
  • Robert A Wicker, Attorney General Parts International, Inc. – $2,500
  • Michael Priddy – $1,000

Of special note, MetaMetrics is a recipient of multiple contracts from DPI over the years. Tim Klasson or Malbert Smith have been a primary contacts for them.  MetaMetrics are involved in the scoring of the state EOG’s, which are Common Core aligned.

  • 2007 – $150,000 Federal
  • 2010 – Total Cost:  $300,000.00 Federal/ $135,000.00 State
  • 2012 – Total Cost $510,000.00 Federal / $8,010.00 State

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