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#NCGA Does DPI’s Job Again With Bill On Background Checks [UPDATED]

Earlier this year, North Carolina received an “F” on our teacher screening process in a USA Today report.

Several years ago, and by several I mean SIX YEARS ago, the subject of performing background checks on teachers in North Carolina was suggested, a committee did some work on it and their results were promptly stuck in a drawer by NC Superintendent Atkinson.

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Superintendent Atkinson Sides With Obama On #HB2

A week ago it appeared Dr. Atkinson gave statements indicating NC Schools didn’t follow HB2 but didn’t clarify further.

This week, she’s clearly chosen a side.

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Supt Atksinson’s Teacher Pay Wedding Cake Copies ESSA Compensation Tiers – #NCGA #NCed

Earlier in February, Supt. Atkinson rolled out her latest big campaign… err… agenda item.

That item is Teacher Pay increases.

This is not a new item for Atkinson, she’s repeatedly mentioned this since the legislature flipped to a Republican majority. That’s not a bug, but a feature of her narrative.

In this blog post by Atkinson, she rolls out her 4 tier ‘Wedding cake’ strategy. Continue reading

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The Word “Misunderstanding” Redefined By Supt. Atkinson?

If you’ve been following my series on Superintendent Atkinson being questioned about funds for the Excellent Public Schools Act being diverted into shifting personnel around, well, we have an update.

Dr. Atkinson has redefined “Misunderstanding”. Continue reading

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10% Pay Increase For All Teachers! – #StuffAtkinsonSays

Last week, Dr. Atkinson jump started her relection campaign with a speech in front of the legislature’s House Select Committee on Education.


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EdWeek Gives NC a C- On State Report Card

Here comes EdWeek with their state report cards.
Overall, North Carolina was given a C-.

But.. but.. Dr. Atkinson says everything is great! Graduation rates are up, or something.

There were three categories that made up that overall score, here they are with what grade our state was given:

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Please Go To My Website… – #StuffAtkinsonSays

The longest serving K-12 Educrat wants you to head to her brand new website, which is currently one whole page with a tiny little blurb on it touting a single statistic from her reign as Superintendent.

No, it’s not her beloved Common Core State Standards, it’s North Carolina Graduation rates.

Let’s take a look at that rate, shall we?

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