NC Big Media Still Silent on Suit To Remove Keever – #ncpol #ncdems

KeeverAs previously reported by this site, the larger media outlets in North Carolina have remained silent on the attempts by the African-American Caucus (AAC) of the NC Democratic Party to remove Patsy Keever as party chair.

Media continued to ignore it even after the group filed suit in Wake County.

The only outlet who has reported on this turn of events to date is the Tribune Papers. All four were penned by Roger McCredie.

A noted above,  one article claimed the petition was a ‘hoax‘. This ‘hoax’ claim prompted a swift response from the petitioners, who filed an editorial with the paper.  The article was penned by three of the petitioners –  Perry Graves, Vaeria Conyers and Chenita Johnson.


The African American Caucus (AAC) of the North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) Auxiliary (AAC-NCDP) are the Petitioners of the legitimate Verified Petition requesting removal of NCDP chairperson Patsy Keever (Aycock) for proper cause.

Our Petition was properly filed with the North Carolina Democratic Party(NCDP)on June 8, 2016 in accordance with the NCDP By-Laws.

The Asheville Tribune published three articles regarding this Petition. In each article there were factual errors, and the reporter did not accurately represent the Petitioners and the Petition content.

As Petitioners, we seek Truth and Justice under Law, and to correct the published inaccuracies, factual errors, and misrepresentations in the Asheville Tribune’s three articles.

The article re-asserts the points of the petition, and was accompanied by a press release. The press release posits that they are the valid AAC elected officials and stating that, “North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) Chairperson “Patsy” Keever (Aycock) knowingly and did deliberately direct the District chairpersons in the 13 unconstitutional Congressional Districts to ignore the Federal Court Ruling and decisions to hold conventions and conduct the elections of delegates and NCDP Council of Review Committee (“COR”) members.”

Earlier in August, the law firm of Wallace and Nordan attempted to quash the effort and sent a Cease and Desist letter to the leaders of the AAC who had filed the petition and subsequent lawsuit in Wake county.

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