NC Dem Party Chair Under Fire, NC Media Blows It Off – #ncpol

A petition to remove NC Democrat Party Chair, Patsy Keever, has been filed. This filing and release apparently went out on or around May 21st.

It was filed on behalf of the African-American Caucus Forsyth County Democratic Party (AAC-FCDP), Valeria Conyers , the 2nd Vice President AAC-NCDP and Perry Graves, Member African-American Caucus Rockingham County Democratic Party AAC-NCDP.

Also, there are a slew of witnesses.

The petition states that, “There are approximately 125-250 plus petitioners and witnesses from roughly 25 to 46 NC Counties, depending on the particular allegation stated in the Petition, and the attached signatures as filed herein and as follows or thereafter before the hearing.”

The filing calls the elections in the 3rd Congressional district ‘null and void’ due to alleged improper activities by Keever as Chair.

Language like ‘manipulation’, ‘fraud’, ‘gerrymandering’, ‘disenfranchisement’ and divisiveness’ are found throughout the document.

From a 30,000 foot view, Keever is being charged  with holding unconstitutional conventions, violating the Voting Rights Act and disenfranchising African-American Voters. When you get into the details, however, the charges span much more than that.

There is a giant list of grievances in the filing , a whopping 23 in all. However, one must note that grievance number one has sub-sets that used the entire alphabet from A-Z and then some, adding section AA and BB.
Read the Grievance/Petition
Read the Press Release

Since there was a press release, which one would assume means they sent copies to the media, yet I have yet to find an outlet that has reported it.

Have you heard about these charges against Keever in the media? No? Me either. Neither has Google News. Rest assured, had this been the republican party, media would have been all over it.

The Democrat party in NC has had some real internal issue lately. Remember case of Dylan Frick? Readers might recall I wrote about him and the corruption in the 8th District after NC Democrats became frustrated with their own party leadership and came to me for help.

Well, Frick’s included in the charges. See “B”, “R” and  “S” under the first grievance in list. The media didn’t report on that one either.

In other Democrat News…

Cyber Bullying, threatening to hack people and threatening your opponent with ‘nude sex party photos’ is just fine:

David Hurst is the 1st Vice Chair of the Pitt County Democrat Party. He lost in the 3rd congressional district race.

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A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips:
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  2. Barbara Dantonio says:

    I read this “complaint” and it is really poorly written. It is repetitious with multiple complaints that have absolutely nothing to do with the North Carolina Democratic Party. The majority of the complaint is focused on an Auxilliary, The African American Caucus associated with the NC Democratic Party. The NCDP has no authority over auxiliaries that I know of. I find it very interesting that Janett Barnes made no statement concerning any districts being illegal until she lost her seat on the Council of Review to Keisha Lovelace at the District 13 Convention on May 21, 2016. I had no problem attending the 1st Congressional District Convention because the districts were contested in the courts. I think that the people who wrote the “Complaint” need to focus on something more worthwhile than the misinformation they wrote in the complaint. There is no interest in this type of pot stirring and that is why the press chose to ignore it. I know a lot of the characters in this play. Janett Barnes is not the President of the AAC of the NCDP, Linda Wilkins-Daniel is. Barnes needs to stop misrepresenting herself as such. I imagine the NCDP Council of Review will look at this poorly written and very biased with things that the NCDP does not concern itself with. I commend Patsy Keever for taking the high road. We needed to get our Delegates in place for the National Convention. If the rogue AAC really cared about its party, they would be getting out the Vote for the fall election and stop this disharmony. Move on and stop this division. Focus on getting good Democrats elected and not your own personal agenda.


  3. subtlesusan says:

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    The media had a feeding frenzy when the GOP Chair had challenges raising money and doing his job. But, they’re silent with Keever. I wonder who the media really is carrying water for…

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  4. Unaffiliated Voter says:

    Oh dear, looks like all that ‘crackkk power went to Taxey Keever’s head! ROFLMAO! LOVE IT!


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    Seems the North Carolina Democratic Party is falling apart. Literally.

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