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Moral Monday Arrests: It’s a Family Affair

Yesterday, Reverend Barber and his Moral Monday faithful laid siege to the North Carolina General Assembly and, like most Moral Monday’s, there were arrests. Continue reading

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Not The Onion: Moral Monday Leader Says Lower Tuition Proposal Is Racist.

Last week I alerted folks that Bully Barber was calling SB 873 racist. What the bill does is lowers fees and tuition rates for instate students at certain NC colleges, therefore making it more affordable for minorities and poorer students to attend.

Barber managed to bully Sen. Apodaca into altering the bill, by dropping the Historically Black Colleges from the list. GEE, that’s awesome… said no minority or poor student. Ever.

Read about this nonsense at ABC news who, to their credit, point out this bill would have made college more affordable for many students.

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Moral Monday Finds More Hate: Protecting In State College Students From Rate Hikes

Protecting students from tuition rate hikes, establishing a scholarship plan and reducing student fees in the UNC System is hateful, you guys.

SB 873 is just extremist! It’s hateful! It’s racist!

Even though this bill is about the UNC system specifically, Moron Monday says it’s an attack on HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).

The NC NAACP aka Moral Monday’s press release:

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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SHOCKER: Arrests At Moral Monday – #hb2

You guys, there were arrests at a Moral Monday protest. I know, you’re all just shocked.

How was yesterday any different from any other Moral Monday? Hint: It wasn’t. Continue reading

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Of Course There Were Arrests, That’s How Moral Monday Rolls.

Yesterday there was a rally in support of HB 2 and a series of Moral Monday orchestrated protests, which of course ended up in arrests because that’s how Moral Monday rolls.

The Moral Monday orchestrated ‘volunteering’ to be arrested for a pre-planned civil disobedience event really and truly is getting old. But it’s all they’ve got in their short stack of tricks. Continue reading

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April 25th: Moral Monday vs Those With Actual Morals

On April 25th, the Capitol grounds will be an interesting scene.
Moral Monday versus the those with actual morals. Continue reading

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