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“Being black is very taxing at Carolina. Micro aggressions are everywhere.”

UNC Chapel Hill recently joined the Snowflake flurries hitting college campuses across the country when protesters interrupted a town hall on ‘race relations’. UNC Chapel Hill is probably the most liberal, left leaning college in the state, by the way. Continue reading

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#DM7 Article: The Assault on Free Speech on College Campuses

This is a repost of my Da Tech Guy weekly column: The Assault on Free Speech on College Campuses Continue reading

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#ChapelHillShootings: “Hardcore Anti-Religion Atheist Progressive” (Updates)

Overnight, 3 people were shot and killed by one Craig Stephen Hicks. It will be interesting in the coming days to see how the local and national media plays this one. Update: Sister Toldjah is already responding. More here. Over … Continue reading

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Liberal UNC Employs #ShutUppery; Blocks Funding for Conservative Speakers

The biggest nest of Liberalism in North Carolina arguably rests at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. A campus that touts its free thinking and open minds has proven just the opposite time and again. The latest round of #ShutUppery via College Fix:

Campus Leaders Call Conservative Women Unimpressive, Unworthy

Conservative female investigative reporters Katie Pavlich and Ann McElhinney are unimpressive nonacademics whose speaking honorariums are too high and credentials too unremarkable to pay to have them give talks at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill this fall, members of the school’s student government have agreed.

Despite pleas from College Republicans to finance the speeches, which would have cost about $8,000 from UNC’s student programming coffer of $124,000, a majority of student government members voted Tuesday night against funding the campus visits, with several members voicing concerns that Pavlich and McElhinney aren’t worth the price.

On the same night, UNC student government representatives tapped the anarchist group “UNControllables” to receive $4,000 to fly in a social justice crusader/academic from South America to speak on campus, and the feminists group Siren Womyn Empowerment Magazine was allocated $5,100.


Shut up, they explained… Continue reading

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Project Veritas Outs Non-Citizens and the Dead voting in NC (video)

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas do it again — this time in my home state, North Carolina. It is 10 minutes long and you need to watch it — and share it with everyone you can. Continue reading

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Report: Widespread Problems in Afro-Studies Department at UNC Chapel Hill

On the heels of Obama’s visit to UNC Chapel Hill, campaigning on Student Loan woes, there’s trouble in the Afro-American studies department at UNC Chapel Hill. Continue reading

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The Coming Manufactured War On Students

We’re getting a preview in North Carolina of the next “war” the Democrats will be declaring: The War On Students. Continue reading

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