Liberal UNC Employs #ShutUppery; Blocks Funding for Conservative Speakers

The biggest nest of Liberalism in North Carolina arguably rests at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. A campus that touts its free thinking and open minds has proven just the opposite time and again.

The latest round of #ShutUppery via College Fix:

Campus Leaders Call Conservative Women Unimpressive, Unworthy

Conservative female investigative reporters Katie Pavlich and Ann McElhinney are unimpressive nonacademics whose speaking honorariums are too high and credentials too unremarkable to pay to have them give talks at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill this fall, members of the school’s student government have agreed.

Despite pleas from College Republicans to finance the speeches, which would have cost about $8,000 from UNC’s student programming coffer of $124,000, a majority of student government members voted Tuesday night against funding the campus visits, with several members voicing concerns that Pavlich and McElhinney aren’t worth the price.

On the same night, UNC student government representatives tapped the anarchist group “UNControllables” to receive $4,000 to fly in a social justice crusader/academic from South America to speak on campus, and the feminists group Siren Womyn Empowerment Magazine was allocated $5,100.


Shut up, they explained…

Pavlich and McElhinney are hardly unimpressive or unworthy. Their resumes are extensive and both are sought after speakers. UNC would be lucky to get them. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Ms. Pavlich speak several times over the last two years and can attest she gives an engaging and insightful talk. UPDATE: Crowdsourcing to fund Pavlich and McElhinney to speak at UNC has begun. Donate here.

I’d say this was a disappointing set back for the students of UNC, but both the University and the students made it clear in the past that they do not wish to hear from speakers who are not progressive. That goes double for women complaining of sexual harassment or assault.  I hope the irony is not lost on them as this year the “Speaker Ban” was lifted at UNC-Chapel Hill. Then again, most of them read the local propaganda media, so perhaps the irony is lost on them.

Flashback to the warm, polite reception given to Tom Tancredo in 2009. I think the local media actually characterized their shouting down of Tancredo as “rowdy“.  Yes, those “rowdy” students also sent threats to the group’s faculty adviser who brought Tancredo to campus. The First Amendment respecting students at UNC repeated that reception in 2010.

The assault on Tancredo’s speech in 2009 resulted in UNC-Chapel Hill starting “First Amendment Day” on campus.  The journalism school even held a panel discussion.  No one shouted down that event, they just waited until Tancredo came back. Nice.

The entire panel was a joke from the get-go, with Haley Koch on the panel. Koch was instrumental in the disruption of Tancredo’s speech and was arrested that night. Just for fun and for a peek into the mindset at UNC-Chapel Hill, read this interview with Koch. The two opening questions are just priceless.

While Haley Koch was waxing poetic about her ‘right’ to shout down a people at will, Greg Lukianoff of FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) was giving a speech across campus.

FIRE’s mission according to their site is, “FIRE’s work to protect fundamental rights on campus concentrates on four areas: freedom of speech and expression; religious liberty and freedom of association; freedom of conscience; and due process and legal equality on campus“. By the way, UNC-Chapel Hill has a YELLOW rating from FIRE.  Read FIRE’s profile of UNC-Chapel Hill here.

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  1. Will not ever support UNC, has always been my favorite college in NC. I am so done with them.


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