“Being black is very taxing at Carolina. Micro aggressions are everywhere.”

Snowflake so specialUNC Chapel Hill recently joined the Snowflake flurries hitting college campuses across the country when protesters interrupted a town hall on ‘race relations’.  UNC Chapel Hill is probably the most liberal, left leaning college in the state, by the way.

The event had barely gotten started when a group of students marched in and began making demands. WNCN covered some of it in the clip below.

Quotes from the Echo Chamber: “Whose university? Our University”, “Traumatized by a statue…”, “historical racial violence of this university”.

You should read the demands. They titled it “A response to anti-blackness”.

Their list of demands is the most incredible laundry list of far left causes,  the likes of which we haven’t seen since Occupy Wall Street.   In fact, I’m tagging this post as ‘Occupy’, because that’s what this is — a resurgence of Occupy.

Cue the pearl clutching. Statues commemorating students who died during the confederacy that went unnoticed for decades now make people uncomfortable.

Now remember, UNC Chapel Hill is liberal leaning and I mean very liberal leaning, yet it’s so racist and micro-aggressive:

The Snowflakes closed their 12 page list of over 40 demands not with their names and signatures or a typical enclosure, but with a threat:

UNC snowflake threat

I have to ask,  where are the parents? Not just parents of the students protesting, but how about the rest of the campus? Not a single parent showing up to yank their kid out?

Not a single parent concerned that the patients seem to be running the asylum?  Really? Well, I’m embarrassed for you.

SisterToldjah Storified the whole thing from beginning to end — go and check out her article, UNC Chapel Hill town hall on “race & inclusion” not very inclusive.

Finally, as most North Carolinians know, if someone says the word ‘racist’ three times near a TV camera, the Reverend Barber appears.


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