Liberal Activism Alive and Well In Schools As NC Students ‘Walk Out’

Liberal Activism is alive and well in our schools. Yesterday was the national “walk out” protesting gun violence in schools.

I collected a lot of tweets from around the state, which I include at the end of this article. First, I’d like to share a few that stuck out both in NC and elsewhere.

Instead of ‘walking up’ to a fellow classmate suffering from bullying, NC students in various K-12 schools walked out.

Most parents probably had no idea these protests were organized in part and encouraged by the radical, anti-semitic, and far-leftist Women’s March.

In fact, most parents were told after the fact that their child’s school participated. No permission asked and nothing but a ‘by the way’ type email.

One mom punched back and showed up at her kid’s school to observe the whole thing – which included the student body happily milling around the athletic field. Check out this thread with that mom, which includes audio of the principal of the school announcing the ‘event’.

Signs proving just how indoctrinated our kids were on display at Apex Friendship’s protest. The one on the left below reads “Guns don’t kill people…Legislators do” and the one on the right says “NRA there is blood on your hands.”

Those same students then began using the popular Occupy Wall Street/Black Lives Matter chant “No Justice, No Peace.”

Some schools just didn’t do it. Here’s a student who was the only one at his school to do it.
Good for him for doing what he believes in.

This was also good for the ratings gold media vultures, as is made plain by the journalists littering the thread with requests to use his footage.

In parts of NC, students didn’t walk out – because of threats called into their school. I’ve been covering the steady flow of school threats in NC (and nationwide) since Parkland as the new “Me Too.”

Meanwhile, in Virginia, little kids in an elementary school were being used as props.
Anyone believe this was the idea of a K-5 student?

That wasn’t the worst one though.

SisterToldjah pointed out that tweet above to me. Her reaction was spot-on:

Not all parents and students were thrilled by the walk out. (article here.)

Check out Twitchy and Pete Kaliner’s show prep from yesterday for some interesting national tweets about the ‘walk out’.

View more of the tweets from around NC in my Twitter moment “Instead of Walking Up, NC Students Walk Out.”


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2 Responses to Liberal Activism Alive and Well In Schools As NC Students ‘Walk Out’

  1. Snakewhacker says:

    The Change Agents here in Cleveland County, didn’t get much traction on this. They just set a small precedent, for the next agent to move forward. Just another brick in the wall.


  2. Charles Hickman says:

    So, the main reason for sending our children to government schools these days is so they can learn left wing activism?


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