Ghost Voters: NC Makes The Top Ten List

This article first appeared at American Lens News on August 14, 2017.

Ghost Voters:  North Carolina has 22 counties in which there are more registered voters than there are eligible voters living in them.

Just how many ghost voters are there in the state? 189,721. Yet, the NC Board of Elections has reported that they only found 508 ineligible votes cast in the 2016 election



Previously, Judicial Watch had noted at least 15 counties in North Carolina where this phenomenon was occurring. However, analysis of  Judicial Watch’s findings by Deroy Murdock at the National Review Online puts North Carolina’s total at 22 counties, with Durham being the worst offender with a 117% registration rate.

A lot of ‘Bull’ In Durham

Durham was the center of a lot of controversy in the state on election night and for months after. What happened? Voting hours were extended in ‘select precincts and some 94,000 votes suddenly showed up in Durham quite literally at the very last minute.

The NC State Board of Elections did an investigation and said that they found, “No evidence of ballot stuffing or equipment tampering.”

The Ghost Voter Numbers

Murdock took a look at Judicial Watch’s data and found 462 counties where the registration rate exceeded 100%. He also found that there were 3,551,760 more people registered to vote than there were eligible voters those counties.

Excerpt from Murdock’s article:

These 462 counties (18.5 percent of the 2,500 studied) exhibit this ghost-voter problem. These range from 101 percent registration in Delaware’s New Castle County to New Mexico’s Harding County, where there are 62 percent more registered voters than living, breathing adult citizens or a 162 percent registration rate.

Washington’s Clark County is worrisome, given its 154 percent registration rate. This includes 166,811 ghost voters. Georgia’s Fulton County seems less nettlesome at 108 percent registration, except for the number of Greater Atlantans, 53,172, who compose that figure.

But California’s San Diego County earns the enchilada grande. Its 138 percent registration translates into 810,966 ghost voters. Los Angeles County’s 112 percent rate equals 707,475 over-registrations. Beyond the official data that it received, Judicial Watch reports that LA County employees “informed us that the total number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144 percent of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.”

Murdock also adds that “Clinton’s fans should know that Trump won Michigan (10,704) and North Carolina (173,315) by fewer ballots than ghost voters in those states.”

National Review Online’s Ghost Voter breakdown:

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