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Calling Out Montel Williams

Hypocrisy is a dish that at best has no intellectual nutritional value, and at worst poisons all future meals you wish to serve in my opinion. It is something that should never be brought to the table and if presented … Continue reading

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Voter Residency In Question – #CarolinaChaos

We discovered that perhaps thousands of ballots across the state were potentially submitted in error. At issue is the determination of a voter’s residence. Continue reading

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North Carolina and Common Core

Common Core.

Never have two words struck such despair in the hearts of parents and students. The majority of states adopted and implemented Common Core between three and five years ago. Continue reading

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NC Slaughterhouse Has “Do It Yourself” Halal Option [Videos]

A slaughterhouse in Cary, North Carolina has a Halal “do it yourself” option.

Halal meat preparation is that which aligns with Islamic law.

halal-goatThe practice includes slitting the animal’s jugular with a blade while also slicing through the trachea and carotid artery. Continue reading

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Texas AG Files Amicus Asking for Hold on North Carolina #HB2 Suit

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed an Amicus brief on August 31st in asking for the courts to put the House Bill 2 (HB2) suit on hold.

Texas is joined by 10 other state attorneys general and two governors in the filing. The Amicus specifically asks U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Schroeder to put the U.S. Justice Department’s current challenge to HB2 on hold while other related cases move forward. Continue reading

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Check Out My Latest Articles At Heartland

Here’s the latest set of articles up at Heartland Institute’s Budget and Tax, as well as two at Heartland School News: Continue reading

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NC Imports More Teachers Than Exports – #nced

The refrain from groups using education as a their weapon of choice to beat the Republican led legislature over the head has been ‘teachers are leaving NC in droves’.

That turned out not to be true once the turnover report was unpacked…

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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