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60% Of Fake Republican Chris Anglin’s Donations Came From Two Democrats

Over at WRAL, the headline reads “Anglin’s Republican court campaign largely funded by Democrats.”  Let’s examine what “largely” means. Continue reading

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Fake Republican Has Real Arrest Record – #NCPOL

Chris Anglin, the Fake Republican in the NC Supreme Court race turns out to have a very real arrest record.

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NC Supreme Court To Hear Opportunity Scholarships Case on 2/17

According to the NC Supreme Court’s docket list, the Opportunity Scholarships case is slated for Tuesday, February 17th. The Opportunity Scholarships are for low-income children and the vast majority of those who applied are minority students. Continue reading

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North Carolina 2014 Judicial Race Results

Over the last year, I wrote fairly extensively on some of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals races. The highlighted race amongst those articles was the Supreme Court Justice race, specifically the Chief Justice spot.

That race was between Chief Justice Mark Martin and Judge Ola Lewis. Chief Justice Martin won that race handily with almost 73% of the vote which translated to 1,741,421 votes for Martin to Lewis’s 667,772.

Ervin, Hudson and Beasley all hung on to their seats. The Beasley race was particularly close with only just over 3,200 votes separating them:

Cheri Beasley 1,228,397 50.07%
Mike Robinson 1,225,185 49.93%
View the top judicial race results here or at the NC Board of Elections site.

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NC Supreme Court Candidate Forum (Videos)

The Federalist Society held a Supreme Court Candidate forum a few weeks ago. Per their website, the candidates who attended were:

Chief Justice Mark Martin, North Carolina Supreme Court
Judge Samuel J. Ervin, IV, North Carolina Court of Appeals
Justice Robert N. Hunter, Jr., North Carolina Supreme Court
Justice Robin Hudson, North Carolina Supreme Court
Judge Eric Levinson, Seventh Division of the Superior Court, North Carolina
Justice Cheri Beasley, North Carolina Supreme Court
Mr. Mike Robinson, Partner, Robinson & Lawing, LLP
Judge Ola Lewis, who is challenging Mark Martin for the Chief Justice spot, was not in attendance.

The Federalist Society has posted the videos of the candidates remarks at this event. There are four video clips to watch. Our court elections are extremely important, as we have seen recently. Take the time, check out the candidates. Continue reading

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