60% Of Fake Republican Chris Anglin’s Donations Came From Two Democrats

Over at WRAL, the headline reads “Anglin’s Republican court campaign largely funded by Democrats.”  Let’s examine what “largely” means.

ANGLES FOR ANGLIN“Largely,” to WRAL, means that two people gave Anglin 60% of his $19,085 in campaign contribution receipts.

There were only 18 donors to his campaign according to the third quarter report.

Not a single donor was Republican.

Four donors were from out of state. Of the 14 donors in NC state, one had an inactive voter registration and another wasn’t registered to vote at all.

Those two people making up 60% of Anglin’s donations are Dean and Sasha Debnam and they both gave Anglin the maximum donation of $5,200. The Debnams, as well as Democrat Super donor Tom Steyer and WRAL owners, Jim and Barbara Goodmon,  also gave the max donation to Democrat Anita Earls.

The Name Debnam Should Sound Familiar

Dean Debnam runs the Left-leaning Public Policy Polling, which has been criticized by its peers for their question wording, oversampling Democrats and their sloppy and often highly questionable methodology.

Dean Debnam was also involved in the ousting of another Republican Supreme Court Candidate, Bob Edmunds, during the 2016 cycle through a non-profit called “Make NC First.” The non-profit was buying attack ads on Edmunds, who was ousted.

Organizational documents on file with the NC Secretary of State list board members as Adam Abram, Chairman of investing outfit, the James River Group. Also on the board are Dean Debnam, founder of Public Policy Polling, Jay Reiff, former Gov. Easley’s campaign director, and Michael Weisel. (Weisel is the go-to attorney for Leftist non-profits in North Carolina and the attorney of choice for Garrick Brenner’s Progress NC.)

According to IRS filings for Make NC First, the group’s 2016 revenue was over $3.2 million dollars. That same 2016 filing showed they spent $2,599,384 on ‘education campaigns’.

The Democrat Plant Sucked Off Enough Votes

Fake Republican Chris Anglin sucked exactly the right amount of votes off of Jackson to push Eric “Kick them” Holder’s former employee and friend into the winner’s spot for  NC Supreme Court.

Had Anglin’s votes gone to Jackson, she would have won by just under 40,000 votes for a total of 1,828,847 votes.



Quick Recap of Fake Republican Chris Anglin

  • Changed affiliation 11 days before filing
  • Campaign manager is Perry Woods – who is a life-long operative of the NC Democratic Party
  • Reason for getting into the race is nearly verbatim the same as Anita Earls’.
  • Facebook friends with Ken Eudy, who is Roy Cooper’s top adviser
  • Had a DWI and Breaking and Entering arrest that media sat on until after early voting started
  • Broke campaign finance law by mailing in his campaign finance report well beyond the deadline instead of filing it electronically, which is required for any report over $5,000.

That report didn’t get posted until after election day as a result.

In his expense items, Anglin lists fees to his Democrat Campaign manager, Perry Woods at a clip of $9,250.

Anglin also paid $4,500 to the Forrest Firm in Raleigh to sue to keep him a Republican on the ballot. If you ask me, establishing that suit that was part of the point of his candidacy.  Fake Republican Anglin was represented by the perpetually angry former Wake Commissioner, John Burns.

Anglin reported only bringing in $19,085  in the third quarter, yet his report says he spent $16,598.83. That leaves just over $2,400 to deal with any campaign finance violation fines he’ll be receiving for not filing his report electronically.

Maybe he should have called his own firm for help with the math… and the law.

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