Head of Parent Org To #BlueprintNC: Let’s Bring Civility Back

Virtue Signaling 101:
The head of the parent organization to the rabid leftist attack dog group, Blueprint NC, is calling for the return of civility in a recent Op-Ed.

The head of the NC Justice Center, Rick Glazier, recently penned an Op-Ed calling for the ‘return of civility’ in politics.

It’s a giant virtue-signaling piece of garbage, but one line stands out to me:

“Unfortunately, I see campaigns again this election cycle demeaning the process, filling every media possible with disgusting, debasing, destructive ads.”

Yes, like the lie-packed ad I keep seeing from Progress NC’s front group, Protect All NC Families. One of the biggest whoppers in that ad is that NC ranks 49th for teacher pay – which is a statistic from 2011. It’s 2018. We’re now 36th.

Protect All NC Families has a history of lying ads. Remember their 2012 Amendment One fear-mongering ad?

The Justice Center is also the parent organization of Blueprint NC, the “non-profit” whose leaked 2013 ‘attack memo‘ called for the ‘slamming, crippling, and eviscerating’ of all Republican elected officials.

• “Cripple their leaders (GovMcCrory, House Speaker Tillis, Senate leader Berger etc.)”

• “Eviscerate the leadership and weaken their ability to govern.”

• “Pressure McCrory at every public event.”

• “Slam him when he contradicts his promises.”

Full memo here.

Fun fact: Blueprint NC gave Protect All Families $104,612.97 to “fight” Amendment One in 2012.

Blueprint NC has been ground zero for many leftist campaigns in the state, including Reverend Barber’s Moral Monday.  Barber would regularly demonize Republicans at his rallies, smearing them as racist and comparing them to the segregationists and the Klan.

All of this “non-partisan non-profit” activism by Blueprint NC has been bankrolled mainly by the Tides Foundation and the Z. Smith Reynolds and Mary Babcock Reynolds Foundations.

Starting in 2007, Z. Smith Reynolds and Mary Reynolds Babcock gave money to the NC Justice Center for the express purpose of starting Blueprint NC. From 2007-2016, those two groups supplied $3,350,000 (out of $4,887,880 total) to Blueprint.

The Executive Director of Z. Smith at the time the attack memo came out was Roy Cooper’s current ‘Sound Education Commission‘ appointee, Leslie Winner:

“Leslie Winner, executive director of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, said she was “surprised and disappointed” by the actions of Blueprint North Carolina.” (Source: Char Observer)

The ‘Sound Education Commission‘ is a bad joke – stacked with liberal and leftist activists from top to bottom. Also on that ‘Commission’ is…wait for it…Rick Glazier.

And wouldn’t you know it – Winner is also an NC Justice Center Board member.
Funnily enough, Supreme Court Candidate and noted Moral Monday radical, Anita Earls, was a Blueprint NC board member right up until she announced her run.

The NC Justice Center operates NC Policy Watch, a ‘news outlet’ that exists exclusively to attack conservatives and Republicans in the state.  It employs former WRAL Reporter and Charter Board member of Blueprint NC.

NC Justice Center has always had someone on the Blueprint Board. Point of fact, Brian Rowe took over for Fitzsimon as a board member in 2014.

Policy Watch employs an education ‘policy’ guy named Kris Nordstrom, who is a pillar of civility. No, not really. He’s an aggressive keyboard warrior who recently scrubbed his Twitter account of his f-bombs, unhinged tirades and litany of lies.

Nordstrom, who had no kids of his own, likes to dictate to others how their kids should be taught. I had the fine experience of having Mr. Nordstrom tell me that my son must be “too dumb” because Common Core was giving him a hard time.

John Hood almost broke Twitter earlier this year calling out Nordstrom.

052218 John Jood Act like a Jerk Kris

Glazier himself dabbled in education ‘civility’ when he pooh-poohed parents upset about Common Core and said the removal of the standards would be “extremely destructive and very destabilizing.”  Yeah, about those cratering test scores, Rick.

Like Nordstrom, most of the Policy Watch ‘reporters’ seemed to have recently scrubbed their social media of anything naughty-like. But here at Pepperidge Farm, we remember Rob Schofield’s bigoted religious attack on Lt. Governor Dan Forest.

Here are a few you missed, Rob. Don’t bother deleting, I have copies.

Does anyone recall the NC Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities (NC CRED) going after Confederate Monuments in 2017? Local media barely batted an eye.

Well, NC CRED has questionable dark money ties and a connection to the NC Advocates for Justice PAC, which is named in a campaign finance ethics complaint filed against Governor Roy Cooper. NC CRED’s membership includes Rick Glazier, the Executive Director, NC Justice Center.

Rick Glazier Cripple Slam EviscerateBoth Policy Watch and NC Justice Center were so ‘civil’ they were fundraising off of HB2, because how DARE any woman not want a man in her bathroom or shower room?

Then there’s NC Policy Watch’s recent article attacking Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s qualifications… because he is Catholic.

But please, won’t you bring back truthful ads and civility, Mr. Glazier?


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