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Highlights of the Annual School Crime Report for 2018-19

The annual school crime report was published and these are the main highlights, which include an increase in sexual related assaults and assault on school staff. Continue reading

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NC DPI’s Annual School Crime Report Is Out

Following the revelations in Broward County Public Schools following the Valentines Day shooting, all eyes should be on the recently released NC Dept. of Public Instruction (NC DPI) annual school crime report.

It’s still a draft right now, but it likely won’t change much. Continue reading

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Former Student Walks into #WCPSS High School with a Knife

A former student of Wakefield High entered the school with a knife this week.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A former Wakefield High School student was arrested Monday morning after bringing a knife onto campus and into the media center, Principal Malik Bazzell said in a release posted on Twitter. Continue reading

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Local High School Assault Makes The Smoking Gun. Oh Good.

In case you missed it, an East Wake High School student bit off a large part of another student’s earlobe during a fight on a Wake county school bus ride on March 4th.

The story was picked up by Hollywood tabloid, The Smoking Gun, calling Romero a “Tyson Wannabe Arrested on Chomping Charge”.

Oh good. Continue reading

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Parents, On gun control teach your kids about reality, not rhetoric

A look at the Reality and the Rhetoric around gun control, background checks and mental illness.
Who decides what illnesses are used? What criteria?

Read on….
Like most parents with children in school, I worry about what they are learning and doing all day. I also worry about their safety. Violence and crime in schools is on the rise and I’ve written about the troubling fight incidents going on in my own school district.

Like other parents, I also worry about the idea of a shooter coming into my kid’s school. Schools are the ultimate soft target. They are largely unguarded, especially elementary schools and middle schools.

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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What They’re Saying About Education In NC – 11/27/15 – #NCED

Education news from around the state of North Carolina and Beyond.

ACTION ITEM: @SpeakerRyan, Two Days To Vet 391 Pages Impacting Millions of Kids?
Highlights: School crime/violence continues in CMS, WCPSS areas, School choice surging, Governor McCrory steps up & joins Amicus Brief and an update on Special Snowflakes on College Campuses.

Reminder: The final Academic Standards Review Commission meeting is Friday, December 18th.

KEEP READING… THERE’S MORE…. Continue reading

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Parents, Do You Know What Goes On In Your Kid’s School? – #NCed

Recently, I wrote an article for Civitas on a fight at Apex high that was caught on video and made the rounds on social media. When I looked deeper into Wake county schools and crime, I found that the police being called to area high schools was disturbingly common.

This is not an isolated set of events. This is going on all over North Carolina.

Keep the following information in mind as the creeping wave of practicing “restorative justice” in schools begins to swell. Also keep it in mind the next time you hear ‘school to prison pipeline’ being uttered.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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