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Feds to Oregon: Nice Funding ya got there, be a shame if anything happened to it

‘Nice funding ya, got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it.’ That’s what the Department of Education is basically saying to Oregon over the state’s Bill 2655. The federal government has leveled an official threat at a state over … Continue reading

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Parent Asks DPI: What’s the exit mechanism for EOG?

There was an interesting exchange on Twitter regarding opting out of the EOG in North Carolina. It was launched by this tweet, in which the user tagged NC’s Superintendent and CCSSO President, Dr. Atkinson.

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#KingDuncan Has Spoken! Threatens Peasants That The Government Will ‘Step In’

In case you missed it, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has expanded on his colorful rhetoric aimed at the peasants a.k.a, parents.

No longer is the ‘white suburban mom’ the target of his umbrage. Now any parent opting their kids out of the Common Core tests is fair game.

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NC Citizens Sound Off On Need For #OptOut

Over the weekend, I wrote about the fact that perhaps it was time for the #OptOut movement to take shape in North Carolina.

On Saturday, the News and Observer published an article by Mary Nelson of Guilford county. Read it here: Why NC needs an opt-out option for school testing.

Parental rights are disappearing; by virtue of your child being in public school, educrats and the state are usurping the rights of parents to direct their child’s education.

A second, related letter has been sent to me by the NC Academic Freedom Alliance. Common Core is at the root of the over-testing of our children and it will only get worse.

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Is It Time To #OptOut In North Carolina?

In New York, 190,836 students opted out of the state’s Common Core ELA aligned test.

The Opt Out rate at Nathan Hale High school in Seattle, Washington for the SBAC test was 100%.
The entire 11th grade glass didn’t show up.

There is test dumping going on In Jeb Bush’s Florida. Miami-Dade, which is the fourth largest school district in the nation, has just announced cutting the state assessments to the bone, including end of grade assessments or EOG’s in elementary schools.

So where is North Carolina in the Opt Out Movement? Do Parents know the EOG is Common Core aligned?


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