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NCGA Expands #SchoolChoice with Increase in Opportunity Scholarship Slots

As highlighted in a previous article, tucked inside the budget hammered out by the General Assembly are a number of program expansions, increases in various budgets and some new pilot programs.

View House Bill 1030 – 2016 Appropriations Act.

Another item in the budget concerns the expansion of the Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP). The media in North Carolina often calls the OSP a ‘voucher program’.

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The evil Republicans are at it again! – #ncpol #ncga

There’s a new ‘attack’ on education in North Carolina. This time it’s in the form of raiding one school fund to pad another. The evil Republicans are at it again!

That would likely be the story synopsis for House Bill 1095 by some North Carolina media outlets.

However, HB 1095 is 100% Democrat sponsored. Continue reading

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Superintendents Oppose Parental School Choice, Bash Opportunity Scholarships

Protectionism 101.

News and Observer reported on a ‘wish list’ of sorts put together by some of the Central North Carolina region’s superintendents.

The article doesn’t say it outright, but one item on the list was cutting off funding for Opportunity Scholarships. Continue reading

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Why do Moral Monday Supporters hate parental school choice?

Why do Moral Monday Supporters hate parental school choice? Continue reading

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Duke Report Drives False Narrative That Charter Schools Cause Segregation

Here is the latest narrative being pushed in an attempt to stem the exodus from public schools into charter schools:

Wow, new low WaPo. #nced #schoolchoice White parents in NC are using charter schools to secede from education system http://t.co/B1pUcwy4LN

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) April 15, 2015

Got that?
The Duke University report wants you to know that if you’re white and put your kid in a charter school, you’re adding to segregation. The subtext here is that by choosing a charter school, these parents are racists.

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Sen. Tillman On Opportunity Scholarships – Watch Out For Muslim Schools?

What the parents think is right for their child? Not really a factor for the Senator, apparently.

His main focus seems to be on “Muslim schools”. He stopped short of calling them “Schools of Terror” like NC Superintendent June Atkinson did.

Someone ask the Senator how many of those “Muslim schools” there are in North Carolina and whether those parents should be able to decide as to which school their kids go to learn. Here’s a hint – you can probably county them on your fingers.

By the way, here’s the law regulating private schools. There are plenty of regulations in place.

From Sen. Tillman’s weekly newsletter:

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Poll: Strong Support For NC Opportunity Scholarships

A recent poll by Civitas shows very strong public support for the Opportunity Scholarship program, of which legal arguments about the program are being heard at the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Civitas reported that overall approval for the program stood at 68% with a high percentage of minorities (80%) supporting it.


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