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Despite Budget Shortfall, WCPSS Board Fills Tech Chief Position at $139K a Year

At the September School Board meeting, the board announced the hiring of Stacy Lee to fill the role of Chief Technology Officer for the school system. Lee will be hired at $139,000 a year.

This comes despite the board’s continual complaints about a nearly $17.5 million dollar budget gap in their $1.2 billion dollar budget. Continue reading

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Wake Supt. Email: Cuts to Teacher, Student Budget Items but 3% Increases to ‘Support Staff’

Wake county school officials appear unable to work with an increased budget of over $1.4 billion dollars according to an email to staff obtained by this site penned by the Superintendent of Wake County Schools and David Neter, Chief Operating Officer.

The emails detail the cuts to school level services to ‘close the $17.5 million dollar budget gap’ while simultaneously indicating a 3% pay raise and a half percent bonus for non-teaching support staff. Continue reading

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Superintendents Oppose Parental School Choice, Bash Opportunity Scholarships

Protectionism 101.

News and Observer reported on a ‘wish list’ of sorts put together by some of the Central North Carolina region’s superintendents.

The article doesn’t say it outright, but one item on the list was cutting off funding for Opportunity Scholarships. Continue reading

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ICYMI – #WCPSS Board Leaves Flaming Bag of Poo for Next Board

In case you missed it, according to the News and Observer, the diversity and equity obsessed Wake county school board members left a ‘poison pill’ for the next board to be elected this Fall.

Poison Pill? I think a more accurate descriptor is that of leaving a flaming bag of poo on the front porch. Continue reading

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When “Education Non-Profits” Attack: WakeEd Partnership – #nced #asrc #ncga

Common Core loving educrats and big biz are coming out of the woodwork these days in North Carolina.

First it was the clueless Wake County School Board stomping their foot and attacking parents who advocated for their child. Then it was the News and Observer’s equally clueless and insulting Editorial board.

Now it’s yet another “education non-profit” racing to protect a set of experimental and fundamentally flawed standards.

Last night over at the News and Observer, an article dropped about “education non-profit” WakeEd Partnership’s outrage that the NC Common Core Commission might actually be fulfilling their assigned task.

KEEP READING… So Much Stupid. So Little Time. Continue reading

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Hey, Pass The Gravy… #WCPSS #NCed

The Wake County Board of Commissioners released more than $44 million in additional funding to the Wake County School Board in order to boost teacher pay.
While the School Board was handing out increases to teachers, they passed the gravy to Superintendent Merrill. Continue reading

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#WCPSS Proposed Budget: $1.4 Billion… Yes, Billion with a B.

In case you missed it, the Wake County Schools Superintendent is proposing a $1.4 BILLION dollar budget. This budget represents a 14% increase over last year’s budget — including raising per pupil spending.
Wake Schools continues their great track record of notifying the public of important events by holding a public hearing…. tonight.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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